On Leaving the MTC (Nest) Week 5

Hola Familia y Amigos!!

Well this is it. My last P-Day in the Provo MTC. It’s quite a weird feeling to be honest. When I left home for my mission I was really scared (and excited) of the unknown and then I got to the MTC and everything was so normal that I got super comfortable with what goes on in mission life in the MTC. Now I am just as scared for Argentina but even more excited!! I can’t wait to see what that beautiful country (and The Lord) have in store for me.
I also have my travel plans! I leave Monday morning, have a 1:50 flight and I arrive in Atlanta at 7:40 pm. After that I have a 10 pm flight from Atlanta to Buenos Aires. I arrive in Buenos Aires at 9:10 am the next day and then ride a bus for 22.5 hours to get to Salta. It sucks but I’m excited to see what the landscape of Argentina has to offer.
So the last week in the MTC everybody usually gets pretty trunky right? Normally yes, but I’m glad I was still focused on what I needed to do because I had a lot of Faith affirming experiences and answers to prayers. I’m sorry that I don’t have time to get into those right now! What’s crazy is technically we’ve learned all the tenses and ways to say stuff in Spanish. All we need now is vocab and practice! We have learned and (semi) understood Present, Preterit, Imperfect, future, positive and negative commands, progressive, present perfect, subjunctive, and past subjunctive. Spanish is one sweet language!! I seriously love it. Its so dope.
Anyways one really cool thing thing that we learned this week is what we call a drop lesson. If someone we’re teaching won’t keep their commitments they agree to (e.g. reading in the Book of Mormon, Praying, coming to church, etc.) they are not “Progressing investigators” because they want to rely on our knowledge and testimony rather than gain their own. Even though it is hard to stop visiting with someone you love it is sometimes necessary because you need to focus your efforts on those who will progress in their testimony. Anyways, a drop lesson is basically backing the investigator up against a wall of faith. Basically it is a choice. The happiness which comes from the Gospel or the sadness and darkness that will inevitably come if they turn away from God. If they won’t do (insert commitment here) then we can’t come by anymore. We let them choose to either do the commitment or sacrifice the lessons. If they choose to not do said commitment we basically let them know that their decision makes us sad, it makes Heavenly Father sad, and that their lives won’t get better. They can always come back but until they do they will experience darkness and sadness in their lives.
After that we likened it to a breakup conversation.
“You can either be my girlfriend or not”
“I don’t want to be your girlfriend”
“You know that makes me sad. I know that as you turn away from me all you will find is sadness and mediocrity. You won’t be happy. You will listen to sappy music and cry. You will eat ice cream straight from the tub for a few weeks and subsequently you will gain some weight”
Hahaha classic.
By the way, our district literally has the two best teachers in this MTC. Hermano Rasmussen is a spiritual giant, and a master teacher. When we do practices and demonstrations we are absolutely blown away by how easy it is for him to teach effectively and make commitments.
Our other teacher Hermana Martinez from Mexico City (she taught there for like 4 years before coming here) is this 4’9″ fireball who is an incredible teacher and one of the most perfect and faithful people I’ve ever met. She makes us better missionaries every time we are together. Literally every other teacher on our floor has come into our room and told us that we have the best teacher(s) in the MTC. And neither of them will be working at the Provo MTC anymore!!! They are both moving on after this next week :(((((((
Well I have loved my time here. I have learned a lot about myself, the gospel, and everything in between. I doubt I could forget this place and everything it has taught me but who knows haha!
I’m ready for my next adventure!!! The next time you hear from me I will be one of those gringos in Argentina! I love you all! I know that God lives and that Jesus Christ is his son and our Savior.
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder Brundage
MTC District

MTC District


All the Argentina Elders

All the Argentina Elders


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