I LIIIIIVE!!!!!! Week 6 (First week in Argentina-Tucuman)

That subject is mushu from mulan if none of you knew haha!

Anyways…. ¡Hola todos!
So I´m here in Argentina. My flights to get here were way messed up! My flight from Atlanta to Buenos Aires was delayed 9 hours so we slept in the airport! All of us missionaries! So I get to Buenos Aires and a whole lot of stuff happened and I didn’t understand anyone but we stayed the night in a hotel in BA and left for Salta the next morning at 3:45 am. When we got to Salta, we were greeted by our mission president, Presidente Chaparro (who speaks absolutely FLAWLESS English by the way! Like literally he sounds like a token white dude when he speaks English) and his wife and took us back to the mission office. I was promptly hugged by about 25 elders and shook a bunch of hands and did some legal stuff for my stay in Argentina. We got trained for like 10 minutes then were put into our companionships and areas! Then we went to the mission home to eat and we were off to our area!!
So, my trainer is Élder Huaman (pronounced Waw-mawn) and he is from Peru! He is 26 years old (he was baptized 3 years ago) and these are his last 3 months in his mission! He´s a cool dude and a really good teacher! He doesn’t know much English besides some vocabulary he studies during Estudio Idioma. I know enough Español to talk with him and understand him.
My first area is in Tucuman Oeste (west) and its called Parque Guillermina which is the ward I serve in. There are parts that are nice (in america that means the higher income part of the lower class) and then the rest of the people. Think of the most impoverished neighborhoods in America and you basically have most of the people in my area and a lot of people have less than that here. Very very humble people here. Basically everyone is Christian in some way shape or form but most don’t attend church regularly (for example, we met a woman on the street who said she was catholic but didn’t know what the new testament was and if it was part of the bible). Oh shoot I have like no time left! Next week I´ll write my letter beforehand and just type it here.
A few things before I have to go. The language is difficult, of course. It literally is not Spanish, its Castellano. People don’t say spanish. They say castellano, like even the ATMs only have options for English or Castellano. And its especially difficult here in Tucuman. This place is notorious for the accent. People don’t pronounce hardly anything they say. Elder Huaman says it’s sometimes a little hard to understand the accent for him too! But I have heaven’s help and I understand more and more everyday.
A thought on thoughts. There are 2 kinds of thoughts in the mission field:  Good and bad (God and Satan)
Thoughts of Satan: “I can’t understand anything, why am I even here? I´m not helping these people right now because I can’t say anything.”
Thoughts of God: “Man I love that family. Their faith is amazing. Keep trying Elder Brundage.”
Missionary work is hard, but this isn’t for me. It’s for these people who we visit and teach. Their lives can be better because we take the effort to visit and teach a principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ. God loves us and I know he won’t let us fail. I love you all!
Livin´ the Dream,
Élder Brundage (Broon-dawje aqui
Braden with Pres. and Sister Chaparro

Braden with Pres. and Sister Chaparro

Elder Huaman (Peru) and Elder Brundage

Elder Huaman (Peru) and Elder Brundage


Helping at a Primary Activity in his new ward Parque Guillermina, Argentina

Helping at a Primary Activity in his new ward Parque Guillermina, Argentina


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