Week 7 (Tucuman)

Hola Everyone!

So this was a good week! Elder Huaman and I  are definitely working hard! We wake up at 7 (we go to bed at 11 and wake up at 7 in Tucuman, it’s a rule), exercise, get ready, study, and work! It’s tiring but never boring!
Random stuff that I don’t know how to write so it’s in a list:
-I once asked Elder Huaman why he decided to serve a mission and he said: para tener siete esposas. (to have 7 wives) 2 nephi 14:1 and I died a little bit. (for non-LDS people reading this…obviously that is a joke haha)
-Remember how I was like “what if they don’t have toilet paper??” and we all laughed because of course they have toilet paper….. well they use bidets and communal rags sooooo
-We have this big hole in our bathroom floor that if we use too much of the water it overflows with poop water. So we clogged (purposefully with trash sacs)the drain in the shower and after we shower, we scoop all of the water out of the shower and dump it in the toilet with a blue plastic bowl. Every morning!
Anyways I have one or two stories:
-One of our longtime investigators is Silvia. She liked the church and believed in the message but was unable to give up smoking. When I first met her my first night she was very ill with bronchitis and she said that she hadn’t smoked in two days. When we left that night, i called it. I said “if this disease gets her to stop smoking then it is actually a gift and blessing from God. Well it was. She hasn’t smoked and says she never wants to smoke again. She´s to be baptized next month!
-So saturday was kind of crazy but great. Everything was pretty normal up until about 8. So a good number of our teaching appointments fell through so we were just knocking doors/ clapping at gates and having a less than normal amount of success (people are very very open to talk here but those catholics are a little bit less open around here “Soy catolica””no no somos catolicos”). And then we were about to walk past this one house when we both felt that we had to contact there. So we clap and explain ourselves and talk about our message. At the end of the conversation she says “When you clapped at my gate I was praying and asking God to send me help. I know that you are sent from God.” ………….uh. What a miracle huh! I can’t wait to visit her!
I know that this is the work of The Lord and that we have his spirit to guide us in it. I´m so grateful to be a missionary for my God and his son Jesus Christ!
Livin´ the Dream,
Elder Brundage
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