¿Hoy día es Lunes ya? (Is it Monday Already?)-(Tucuman)–Week 11

So weird that its already Monday. I feel like nothing has happened…

Another week in the life of a missionary I guess!
Recap of last week: So I went to Salta to take care of my visa there and on the way back we were on a collectivo (bus) and we saw these federal policemen on the side of the road and Elder Huaman explained that they were federal police and in the past they have asked Elders for documents to show they’re legal and if they don’t have anything they got taken in for a bit until Presidente could call or send someone. And I didn’t have jack squat because all my stuff is in Salta. So these policemen stop the collectivo and board the bus, one of them is staring at me (and i’m just sitting there trying not to look like a gringo) and we make eye contact, I smile, a second passes with more eye contact… and he smiles and moves on. Whew. Hahaha my brush with the police.
-The investigador that left is still lost haha. We haven’t been able to find him or his family for the past week. What’s crazy is they were so prepared.  But what are you gonna do? That is the life.
Tucumano Basico de la Semana: Chegusan=Sandwich
Investigadores: Our golden boy is Bruno Bonanno, big dude, father of 4 hijas. He was supposed to be baptized this Saturday the 26th but he was sick so he couldn’t do it so he has to wait until the 10th of October along with one of his daughters Jessica. He is incredible! He stopped drinking, stopped smoking, reads every day, and is happier than he’s ever been. And something that is incredible is that he understands repentance. He told us last night that he’s going to repent because he couldn’t go to church. Elder Huaman said that nobody in his entire mission has ever said anything like that. Incredible that man.
Crap i dont have time to explain others. But to answer a question of my mom, we have tons of baptismal dates but it is EXTREMELY common that they don’t happen on the day because they have to attend church 3 times. If we baptized every person we set a date with, we would have like 20 baptisms by now. So it’s a little sucky that we aren’t having the success we really want but it will come. October will be a golden month!!! Vamos a bautizar cada semana si somos fieles!
I speak spanish pretty dang well for my time here but I need to have a larger vocabulary so I´m working on that. Ummm yeah. Love you all sooooo much!
Livin´ the Dream,
-Élder Brundage

(His District-I'm assuming)

(His District-I’m assuming)




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