Another Week Bites the Dust-(Tucuman) – Week 13 (somehow we got off track)

Hmmmm. So you can basically guarantee that I will be surprised at how fast the week has gone by every single week. So I’m not going to say it anymore haha!

Nothing too crazy happened this week so I´m going to talk about the culture. Sound good?
Bueno. So how can I describe Argentine culture. Different. Yup sounds about right.
People: The people are very very open to talk and receive you in their home. Your average street contact is about 30 seconds and it goes something like this.
“Hola! Que tal? Mi nombre es élder Brundage y mi compañero es Elder Huaman. (Hello! How are you?
Cual es su nombre disculpe? (standard latin name or some italian name like alfredo) Bueno. Un gusto a conocerle. Somos misioneros y compartimos un mensaje sobre JesuCristo con las familias y nos gustaría conocer usted y su familia. Esta bien si puntamos sus direcciones para visitarle? Bueno, vamos a estar pasando! Ciao”
Boom. It’s literally that easy. But when we get to their house it’s a little different because they are “busy” or something other. Most of all these people are good and they have their problems and struggles but they are so good. Love em.
Flip I have like two minutes left.
Here´s what I know. I don’t know a lot of things, but these things I know.
I know God loves us and wants us to be happy. I know he sent his son Jesus Christ to atone for the sins of the world and because he did that, we can do anything. I know I can do this work because I have been called by a living prophet of God to do it and I have the Savior and the right on my side.
Love you all! Miss you tons!
-Élder Brundage
P1000250 P1000253

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