¡Vamos Profeta! (Tucuman) Week 14

Hola mis queridos family, friends, and fans!

This week was a good one. As you know this weekend was General Conference and there were tons of amazing messages and revelation to be had!
So, we actually had 4 investigators come to conference with us! On Saturday there were’t any investigators that could come so I got to watch the sessions in English with the other gringos y gringas which was amazing and I learned so much! By the way, most people work on Saturday here so they couldn’t come to the stake center to watch it which is what most people do. But on Sunday there were sooooo many dang people in that stake center. Every room was taken and filled with people to watch the conference! On Sunday, one of our investigators, Bruno, came to conference and it was the perfect session for him because he had doubts about the prophet before but after, he felt good about what he said and heard and felt like he was a prophet of God! I was honestly praying that President Monson would speak Sunday morning because that was the only one that he could go to and the session was incredible! Right after conference was over he had his baptismal interview and he is all set to be baptized this next Saturday!!!!
In the session at night, I watched it in Spanish because we had 3 investigators and an inactive member of 20 years come with us to conference and it was soo great. 2 of them are the family of Bruno (his wife, Antonia and his daughter, Jessica) and before the conference they weren’t very interested and were slow to listen to our message, but now they are progressing in a very real way. It’s amazing the miracles that can happen because we have a prophet of God and his apostles!
Other things that happened this week:
-A lady wanted us to expel a demon in her child when she didn’t have a demon in her child (her daughter is mentally handicapped)
-I almost got hit by a motorcycle
-I hit my 3 month mark this past Thursday!
I love you all sooooo much!!!!
Livin´ the Dream,
Élder Brundage

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