Una semana de diez-(Tucuman) Week 15

Well how can I begin…

This week was long as could be but seriously we didn´t notice.
It started off on Monday where we did “tramites” (government stuff to make me legal lol) in centro. I sat around for 4 hours (and literally did nothing), ate lunch, wrote home, and then did divisiones and ate at the McDonalds that’s in our area which was pretty sweet haha! Seriously, it was soooooo good but soooo expensive! 120 pesos for 2 burgers and 2 fries.
Tuesday, we did tramites again and we actually got all of my stuff done so that was sweet.
Wednesday: We had our usual English class that I teach at 7:30 (have I told you all about that yet? Yes, I teach English and yes, it´s weird) but nobody came 😦
I´ll skip to Saturday. BRUNO BONANNO WAS BAPTIZED BY MEEEEE!!!!! An experience I´ll never forget!
So it was really cold that day and Argentines are wimps so not a single member in the ward other than our ward mission leader, bishop, and first counselor in the bishopric came to the baptism. We had most of Bruno’s family and other investigators BUT NO MEMBERS. I was so ticked, but it was ok! We had hot water, the font filled in time and we had a simple little service for Bruno and he was baptized by someone with the authority of God and I´m so grateful that I was able to be that person. Oh, also his daughter Jessica said the closing prayer and this was what she said “Thank you for letting my Dad get baptized and for his decision to follow Jesus Christ. Please bless us that, as a family, we can follow the path of Jesus Christ just as my Dad has done”…………. Uhhhhh I about fell out of my chair!!!
Yesterday was great because Bruno got to church early and was confirmed by a member in the ward and we participated in the confirmation! It was a great weekend and it made all this work that we have done worth it. Now he´s going to bring his family with him. I’ve been told by people that it is extremely rare to baptize an older man like Bruno. Some missionaries go their whole missions without baptizing a man.
He has come so far and it is amazing to see his progress. The first time I met him he was drunk out of his mind and asking us about Joseph Smith from stuff he had read on the internet (never a good sign). He was always a supporting character in the visits we made to the family but he was always there and was always listening. Then he started to pray. Then he started to read. Then he started to go to church even when his whole family kept sleeping (he went alone the Sunday of his confirmation too). He drank less and smoked less and eventually stopped doing both entirely. He started to see the blessings in his life so he did those good things more. He got stable work, he was more patient and loving with his wife and children. He found that things just seemed to be working and he knew what the catalyst was. He is a new man because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And if he keeps doing what he is doing now he will become different and even better. It is amazing to see the difference of a life, a home, and a family without Jesus Christ, and then with Him. It is always better and more happy and more blessed.
Now I´m crying a little bit in a weird gas station that has internet. Such is the life of a missionary I guess.
I love you so much my dear family and friends! This gospel changes lives. I have seen it first hand!
Livin´ the Dream,
Élder Brundage
PS. Spanish is going really well. Its getting hot and I´m getting scared of it haha!
PPS. I´ve lost about 40 pounds since the beginning of my mission so thats pretty sweet!
PPPS. Ciao
Bruno and his family minus 2 of his daughters

Bruno and his family minus 2 of his daughters

Elder Ruminot (de Chile) and I on Monday doing tramites (visa stuff)

Elder Ruminot (de Chile) and I on Monday doing tramites (visa stuff)






Attendees at Bruno's Baptism

Attendees at Bruno’s Baptism


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