No, I didn’t feel the eartquake!-(Tucuman)-Week 16

Hola todas!

To answer all of your questions, no I didn’t feel the earthquake because I was in a bus. And literally everybody and their mother and five pet cats asked me if I felt the earthquake. Feel left out 😦
Haha jk. This week was good! I don’t think I can really have a bad week to be honest. If I wasn’t looking for the small victories and tender mercies this wee,k I would have missed most of them and would have said that this was a long (bad) week. But they were there and were the way that my Heavenly Father was telling me that he, and his angels are with me every step of the way.
We got turned away a lot in contacts, and by a few of our investigators also. It stings but you just need to keep working and walking and praying for the strength to make your next steps. If you try, trusting in the Lord, he will deliver you. I really have seen that this week.
Here are some of the victories from this week:
-Yesterday Bruno received the Priesthood!!!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL! He continues to learn and grow everyday!
-His wife has committed to quitting smoking (a fear that she couldn’t do it is what has kept her from baptism so far)
-I continue my streak of having pet at least 3 dogs every day of my mission so far
-We have to move, but we found a sweet apartment in our area really close to the chapel and all of our investigators!
-I can do good missionary work on my own! (we went on splits with members in our ward and I had to do all that missionary stuff on my own and it all went smoothly)
Welp thats all folks! Love you all so much!
Livin´ the Dream,
Élder Brundage
San Javier

San Javier

El Cristo Statue

El Cristo Statue

La familia Palavecino! A family of less actives with two of their teenage kids as investigators!

La familia Palavecino! A family of less actives with two of their teenage kids as investigators!


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