¿Cómo te puedo explicar? (Tucuman) – Week 17


Bueno, cómo te puedo explicar que nada pasó esta semana? (how can I explain to you that nothing happened this week)
Yep basically nothing really exciting happened this week. We have a LOT of new investigators this week because basically all of our regulars aren’t progressing so we’ve had to leave a lot of them behind and focus on other people out there that can progress and are prepared to accept the gospel in their lives. We were able to find 14 new investigators this week which is a pretty dang good number (6 more than our goal this week) and there’s a lot of new people really interested and prepared to receive the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives.
Since nothing really happened I´m going to explain one part of the culture here that is pretty funny and great. Something that is huge here are parties. Whatever kind of party you can think of there will be a ton of people, alcohol, and a ton of food. Seriously it’s amazing. A kid turns 4 here and I´m not even joking you there’s a hundred people there, music is blasting, the adults have their cerveza, the cake is huge, and everybody is dancing from 10 at night until 7 in the morning. Not even a joke.
A girl in our ward had her 15th birthday party last week and we saw videos and it was nuts. The parents rented out this big party hall type thing 2 years in advance, they hired a band, and this drum performing group that plays music typical in Uruguay. The lights are low but with strobe lights and other flashing lights, the music is blaring, and there’s like 250-300 people at this party. Its nuts.
Also Christmas will be a party. Everyone stays up until midnight and everybody lights off fireworks at the exact same time at 12:00. Then they all party and drink and exchange presents until like 5 or 6 in the morning.
So yeah that’s a little bit about fiestas Argentinas!
Next week is transfers so the next time I get to talk with you all I might be in another place!
Love you all!
-Elder Brundage
P.S. I kept track of all the dogs I pet this week and it was 39 🙂
P.S. (mom note:  I asked him about getting a new companion next week and this is what he said:  There are 4 options for transfers. I leave and Elder Huaman stays here and finishes his mission (he extended a transfer). I stay and he has one transfer in another area. Or we both stay and Elder Huaman finishes and I´d be guaranteed to stay here for that transfer and the next one to train the next elder in the area. Or we both leave and Presidente washes the area but that’s not gonna happen because we work well here. So there isn’t a problem. But yeah I´m excited for a new companion and new experiences!
PPS (mom note:  I asked him if he was happy.  Here is his reply:  Yes I´m happy! Very very very happy! There literally isn’t anything I would rather be doing.

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