Don’t worry I’m alive-Week 19 (Salta)

Hey everyone I’m alive!

Sorry I didn’t get to write last week and now I only have about 5 minutes to write now.
Well I’ve been transferred and I’m in Salta capital and in an area called Mitre 1. My new comp is Elder Erickson from Idaho and he has about a year and a half in his mission. Aaaaaaaand we’re whitewashing this area! (Means both missionaries are new to the area)
So we get to the apartment with the assistants and they just leave us there with our stuff. We live waaaay outside of our area so we had NO CLUE what to do or even how to get to our area. So we looked for a place to write for 2 HOURS and didn’t find a thing so we couldn’t write last week.
It has been a bit of a rough week because not only did we not know our area, we didn’t know if we had any investigators from the other elders because they hadn’t written in the area book in the last 2 months! So we basically started from scratch! We have a ton of help from the members of the ward (THIS WARD IS HUGE we have about 1000 members in our area and 150 or so active members and THEY ARE ALL SO EXCITED TO HELP IN THE WORK). Tender mercies baby! By now we know our way around 2 of the barrios (think neighborhoods but waaay bigger) of the 5 that we have and we have some great investigators! But seriously keep praying for us! We need all the help that we can get!
I hope some of this made sense.
Although I feel like I know nothing sometimes, I can lean on my testimony of the Savior and His work! I know that the Lord won’t let us fail here because the stakes are too high.
Love you all,
-Elder Brundage
ps. sorry for the short sucky letter without pictures, it will be better next week!

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