The Dream Team Lives on – (Mitre-Salta) Week 24

Hola familia y amigos! (I actually have no idea who reads my letters so I hope friends read them lol. If you read them write me a little bit please)

Anyways some transfer news….. THE DREAM TEAM IS STAYING TOGETHER! So yeah, Elder Erickson and I are staying here in Mitre for another transfer and we´re pretty stoked about it. We call ourselves the dream team because seriously we are working well together and we´re going to have a ton of success this upcoming transfer. It´s gonna be bomb. Also we´re like super good buds so it’s cool. We have our own handshake and everything. Can you believe that the Lord would send people as immature as we are to help save souls?  Yeah, I can’t either.
Anyways, I´m just going to describe our investigator pool.
Familia Tejerina: Suuuuper Capos (capo is basically like stud) A part-member family, the dad is an inactive member for like 30 years or so and nobody else is a member. They’re former investigators that we found randomly one day. We found them and found that the mom, Marta, has a super strong testimony and can’t wait to be baptized. She even said that first lesson “Yo sé que esta es la única iglesia verdadera” (I know that this is the only true church). The kids are also studs and they all want to get baptized. They were going to be baptized this Saturday but we just found our that they aren’t married yet so they are gonna do that haha!
Familia Sanchez: A super humble family going through some difficult problems that are excited to learn and grow. José (19 years old) is a stud and he’s gonna get baptized and go on a mission woo hoo!!
Alejandro Tejerina: He is a freaking studmuffin man. He’s super catholic.  (He even goes door to door proselyting) but also super open. His relationship with God is super open and loving. When we clapped at his gate he came out and the second we said we were missionaries he said “Do you want to come in??” It was the easiest contact I had ever done. He told us when we were teaching that he firmly believes that God sent us (he called us God´s servants) to his door because God is telling him that there is something that he lacks or isn’t doing right. Such a stud. Those are our main people, there are more but we havent been able to visit them too frequently yet.
Miracle Story time; 9 o’clock on Saturday. We’re walking back to the apartment from a barrio that’s super far away in an area that we had never been to before (after a series of circumstances that led us to this part of the barrio). We walk past a house and this angry guy yells “Vengan!” (Come here!) So we go over and say hello and stuff and he´s just standing there and says “The gate’s open” and we were thinking there is nooo way we’re going in there. We said “just come here and shake our hands”, and he said “the gate is open.” After like 30 seconds of this we both feel that we need to go in anyways. We talk to him for awhile and he was very angry and getting in our face asking us why we do what we do. He yelled “WHY ARE YOU HERE?” and I felt impressed to just say. “To tell you that God loves you”.  We talked for a bit about his life and we found out that he’s a drug addict, his girlfriend left and took his daughter with her and that when he went outside he was going to get a rope out there to kill himself. We gave him a Book of Mormon and 2 promises “Tonight, if you feel the urge to kill yourself, read that book and you won’t want to anymore” and “If you REALLY want to change, you will find the strength to do it in that book.” He promised to read it and we knew he would.
I love it here you guys! God lives and loves you!
Livin´ the Dream,
Élder Brundage

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