That After Christmas Feeling-Week 26 (Mitre-Salta)

Hola Familia y Amigos!

So this week was the first of 2 christmases in the mission field. It all went super well! My mom sent me a package with presents, we got to eat dinner with an awesome family in our ward on Christmas Eve (they do all their festivities on Christmas eve) and I wasn´t even sad or super homesick or anything!
Then after the skype call… the after christmas feeling hits. We all know the feeling. When you just know that all of the fun is behind you and the only thing lying ahead is work and some stress and “the old grind”. It stinks but it’s all good because I´m in a cool country helping people, and doing the most important work that has ever existed or will ever exist. And its fun too!!!!
So yeah. I was dreaming of a white christmas and we got one!! Yuliana and Jaquelin Tejerina were baptized on Saturday!!!(they are pronounced Juliana and Jack-eh-lean. Yuliana is 11 and Jaquelin is 8)  It was the best! They were so happy and so were their parents! I baptized and confirmed Yuliana and Elder Erickson baptized and confirmed Jaquelin. Funny story, after I baptized Yuliana I looked at the witnesses (our Bishop and ward mission leader) to make sure we didn’t have to do it again and they were like yeah it’s all good. So we left the water and then another elder comes and says we have to do it again because her foot poked out and her foot poked out because she didn’t bend her knees like she was supposed to. So we were like ok and we got in again and did it again.
A baptism Christmas is awesome but what’s even more awesome is having more baptisms waiting for you after! We have more people in the Familia Tejerina that are going to get baptized before the next transfer and some other really good people that can be baptized if they can progress these next 3 weeks. So we´re super excited because the chances are one of us is going to leave the area the next transfer but we´ll see what happens!
Guys, I love missionary work! Remember that God loves you and I love you too!
Livin´ the Dream,
Élder Brundage
P.S.  The week in review:
Monday- Pday and we bought our gifts for the Christmas conference
Tuesday- We did splits with the Zone leaders and I stayed in my area and we killed it so the day went by super fast
Wednesday-The christmas conference until like 4 in the afternoon! Super fun!
Thursday- Christmas eve that we spent with a family from 8 to 11 more or less
Friday- Calls to the fam
Saturday- Baptisssssmmmmmm
Sunday- Confirmatiiiiiiooooooonnnnn
Whoo hoo sweet week

All of his christmas gifts!


The baptism of Yuliana and Yaquelin with their mom and dad!


A photo of the family and us where we spent “Noche Buena” (Christmas eve)


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