Argentines are afraid of water-Week 27 (Mitre-Salta)

Hola Familia y Amigos!!!

So this week was a little bit of up and down but I´m still super excited!
So there are 2 experiences from this week that make me say that Argentines are scared of water.
Experience #1: So some member gave us this referral who was his aunt. We said ok lets go visit her see if she can accept. We get there talk to her for a bit at her gate and she lets us in. As we talk, it turns out that she has talked to the missionaries before so we basically ask our series of questions to gauge where she’s at.
Do you have a Book of mormon? Yes
Did you ever pray about it? Yes
Do you think it is true? Yes
Do you believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet? Of course
Ok, do you believe that this is the only true church of Jesus Christ here on the earth? Yes.
And you never got baptized? No no no
Ok……….(reads scripture about baptism) Will you be baptized? No….
After that we were digging and asking questions for a while and we find out that the only reason she was never baptized was because she is SUPER afraid of water. Like even in the shower. She said that she went to the baptism of her daughter and she saw what it was and she swore that day that she would NEVER do it.
She wouldn’t accept a baptismal date. Nothing.
So basically we´re working on that.
Experience #2: Alright so you guys have to know. This week was IIIIINNNNCREDIBLE. Seriously, by the numbers, how excited we were, the people that we were teaching, how they were progressing, and everything else was incredible. The best overall week of my mission FOR SURE. We were going to have sooooo many people in church. We committed about 14 people to come to church and the way that these people were progressing made us think that literally every one of them would come. Then sunday came.
We were soooo stoked in the morning. We got up and started getting ready so we could bring people to church from their houses. Elder Erickson checks outside to see what the weather is like and he says “ELDER…. está lloviendo” (It’s raining) and I was just like Noooooooooo! I looked too and it wasn’t bad rain or anything just light rain. BUT, to the people of Argentina, it was a reason to not come to church. If it rains here, people don’t go to church, or work, or leave their houses.
Still determined to have a good day and end the perfect week we went out and looked for our miracle family, the familia Cruz-Flores (more about them in a second), and a few other investigators.
Nobody came. Not a single one. It was super rough and I literally haven’t been so discouraged in my mission than in church this Sunday (I was fine after and we had a good day and we were excited but it suuuucked)
Also the church attendance dropped from what it usually is at 130 or so down to like 80 just because of a little bit of rain.
So that’s why Argentines are afraid of water.
La Familia Cruz-Flores: They are awesome. So, we were walking around on Monday just going along to another plan that we had and we walked past a house. I felt strongly that we needed to knock it so we went back and did. A woman named Gabriela let us in and SHE WAS THE MOST PREPARED PERSON I HAVE EVER SEEN (the most prepared that Elder Erickson has seen too). So we have a SWEET lesson and she was accepting everything. She told us that the morning before and that morning she was praying for Him to put somebody in her path that would lead her to Him. She was recently married to her husband, she has 5 kids, 3 that are above 8 years old. We invited her to baptism and she said “Yeah I would love to get baptized”. Oh wow. So we challenged her to read the book of mormon and we came back in 2 days. She told us “I was reading and I felt exactly what you said and I know that this book is true. Also, I shared it with my husband and he read and I asked him if he thought it was true. He told me I really think it is!” We then taught her and her son the restoration and at the end we asked her some questions. One of them being “Do you believe that this is the only true church of Jesus Christ?” And she said “I do. I really really do” And just about giggled right there haha!
We haven’t met the husband yet but we are going to their house today so I think we will be able to meet him. They didn´t go to church either but she called us and told us that because she has a 3 month old baby she couldn’t let it get sick from the walk there and back.
Anyways, everything is gonna be good! I love this work!!!!
Livin´ the dream,
Elder Brundage

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