I only have one thing to tell you – Week 28 (Mitre-Salta)

Hola familia y amigos!!

So this week was a slow week. Some good stuff. Some bad stuff. Some people progressing and some people falling behind. Just a normal week!

Because this was basically a mediocre week I don’t really have that much to say to be honest but there is one story that I want to tell you guys.

The taxi driver: So we were late one night getting home so we took a taxi. We get in and see that he has one of the pass along cards “Ha Nacido un Salvador” and we just said like “nice man!” And he was like “yeah I worship a living God man” and then he just started to talk. His name is Carlos, and he was born catholic. He LOVES religion and has always wanted to study theology so he read literally any book that he could find about any religion he could find. He studied and studied all the different religions, what Jesus Christ taught and all that. And his knowledge of The Great Apostasy is INCREDIBLE. He told us, “yeah the Jehovah’s witnesses tried to preach to me but I just said ‘You took stuff out of the bible and changed it all so you guys have no authority to talk about this.” He then starts to explain about how there are 2 churches: The mormon church and the catholic church. The catholic church says that Christ died and his gospel and church stayed the exact same until today, but they changed EVERYTHING so that makes no sense at all. And then the mormons who say that all of that was lost, the world changed it, and then God put back on the earth again in its perfect form.

Then he says “I know that yours is the true church. You just need to look at the facts. It’s literally the only religion that makes ANY SENSE. But to be sure I read the book of Mormon and prayed about it and I also know that it’s true.”
At this point we were thinking to ourselves “THIS IS THE CRAZIEST THING I’VE EVER HEARD” but we were also like this guy is such a stud!
We asked him how long he met with the missionaries and he said that he never had. HE LEARNED EVERYTHING FROM HIS OWN PERSONAL STUDIES.
So we asked him “Well Carlos, why aren’t you a member?!?!”
“Satan just keeps me out man. It’s like a smoker. He knows what he is doing is killing him but he keeps doing it. I know I can go there and be happy but I can’t change myself.”
We were like ok we can work with this so we asked him if we could visit him but he said no, that he never had time (uber typical excuse).  So we pay him and he just says “Wait I want to show you guys something.” He stands up, puts his leg up on the seat and on his calf is…. A HUGE TATTOO OF THE FIRST VISION. He gave it a good slap like he was super proud of it and we literally DIED laughing. It was literally the craziest experience that I have EVER HAD. I hope Carlos finds his way one day hahahahahahahahahahahha

Anyways, I love you all!

Elder Brundage

the-first-vision-82823-print (1)

The Tattoo that Carlos had on his leg



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