Transfers-Week 30 (Mitre-Salta)

Hola Familia y Amigos!

This week was good (at the end haha)! So the first 2 days were poop but whatever. We tried to do better and the next few days were only a little better but we kept being exactly obedient, and really diligent and everything and our fruits finally came on the weekend! I’m going to tell you guys about yesterday because yesterday was better than the whole rest of the week combined!
So. after church and studies and stuff we went to our first 3 appointments and they all fell through (that is so common that we weren’t even phased by it). Then at the 4th appointment we got in the house and we found 3 new investigators! It was a good lesson! Short and sweet about the plan of salvation and we felt great when we left!
We were going to a Family home evening that we were going to have with a family in the ward and we both just kind of slowed down at this one house that caught our eye (a lot of times when a house “catches your eye” it’s a spiritual impression) so we went and clapped at the gate and a teenager named Mauricio let us in. We get in and invite his fam but they don’t come at first so we just get going. We said a prayer, got to know him a little bit then his brother and sister came in. We caught them up and we just kept going. This lesson was textbook for what Elder Erickson and I like to do for the first lesson with people so I thought I´d share.
Anyways, so what we do is we get to know them a little bit, figure out what they want in their lives and find their big need if there is one. We then explain that as missionaries we are here to help people achieve exactly what it is that they want (a united family, to be happy, etc.). We say that there are some things that we need to do to be able to get those blessings that God is WILLING to give us. We ask if we can read a scripture. We explain the BOM in like 15 seconds then we read a scripture about baptism. We explain and ask questions as we go along and if we have the Spirit with us the people understand really quickly. Then we just straight up invite them to repent and be baptized. Most people recognize their need to be baptized to a certain extent. A LOT of people say that they have already been baptized (if they’re catholics then we can get them to understand in like 20 seconds why they need to be baptized again, but if they’re evangelical christians it takes a little bit more time). Mauricio and his siblings (the Familia Chiri) just said yeah we do need to be baptized. We then put down a baptismal date and that usually takes like 5 minutes because it scares people to have a goal for 3 weeks in the future. La Familia Chiri just straight up accepted a date for Feb. 20th. We then invite them to read and pray about the BOM as their first part of their preparation to be baptized and to got to church. All that takes about 25 minutes! Whooooo
After the we went to that FHE and the family invited their neighbors just like we told them to do so we found 2 more investigators there! We also ate tacos with guac and everything!!!! It was the closest thing that I have eaten to mexican food my whole mission and it was incrediblllllee!
So yeah 3 lessons, 8 new investigators, asado for lunch, and tacos for dinner! Éxitoooooooo!
Ok also we got transfers….
We are both staying here in Mitre 1. So that means a few things. Elder Erickson is going to end his mission here and I´ll be able to see him off because it is almost a certainty that I will be going to the mission offices halfway through this transfer to be the mission Financial Secretary (Financiero). It’s almost certain because I fit all the qualifications:
I have the right amount of time, I´m here in Salta really close, I am staying with Elder Erickson for a 3rd transfer which isn’t very normal, aaaaand my Dad works for a bank (thanks pops haha).
If that happens, I am almost guaranteed to stay here in the city of Salta like another 6 months so basically one call just gave me my destiny until I have a little bit more than A YEAR in the mission. But whatevs. (Mom note:  I’m sure this is all missionary speculation)
All is well! I love you all!
Livin´ the Dream,
Elder Brundage

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