Elder Erickson and I have a child-Week 34 (Mitre-Salta)


So yeah for the first time in like 7 months I don’t have to wash my clothes by hand. I LOOOOVVVEEE it. Appreciate what you have people because you don’t know what you have until its gone!
Also it was a really good week!
We found a lot of really awesome new people to teach and we saw some good progress (in a few of them hahah)!
Elias and Ivana are doing awesome now! They are a couple that have 2 kids and aren’t married yet. Elias has progressed a ton and will do anything to live this gospel and be baptized. Ivana stopped listening to us for a whole long time but yesterday we were able to meet with them both together again!!! We talked about The Family: A Proclamation for the World and the law of chastity (wow these sound weird in english haha) and at the end they set a goal to get married early this next week (next monday or tuesday) and Elias to get baptized the 5th and Ivana the 19th!!! It was a very spiritual lesson and an amazing feeling to see them taking these steps toward an eternal family!
Another miracle that I’d like to share before I go! Me and my comp have a goal in companionship to ask for very specific things in our prayers and feeling what the spirit would have us ask for (a family without anything to hold them back from getting baptized, a family that is ready for the gospel, a person that will accept a baptismal date etc.). This friday we were going out to contact a referral and just contact in a barrio that is like suuuuuuuper far away. It takes like 30 minutes to get there and we have to take 2 buses. Anyways we asked for a man that could be a priesthood holder to help strengthen the ward. We went out with faith and started looking for the referral and we knocked on a door to ask where the street was. A guy comes out, smiles, and asks if we want to come in? uuuhh ok. So we go in and we find out that he’s the husband (yep they’re married wooo) of an active member of the ward. His name is Federico and is awesome. We asked for him to be ready to strengthen the ward, guess what! He already pays his tithing, he keeps the sabbath day holy, keeps the word of wisdom. He had just never read the Book of Mormon! So we taught him, he came to church and is progressing! It was awesome! All of this came from a request in faith knowing that the Lord would deliver, and then we got lost and found what we had asked for!
Its hot here, there’s a TON of apostasy, the people are really lazy, and I´m constantly tired….. but I LOVE MY MISSION. It’s hard as freak but veeery rewarding.
Welp thats all folks! Sorry I don’t have any pictures (mostly sorry to my mom haha)
Livin´ the Dream,
Elder Brundage
ps. played soccer with my mission president this morning and he kicked the ball over the fence so hard that we had to stop playing for like 30 minutes so that we could go find it hahahahahaha

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