From the Villa to the Capilla-Week 33 (Mitre-Salta)



Letter from 2/15

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Not gonna lie to you not much has happened this week so there’s not much news haha!
Our investigators are slacking or they have their own specific problem that keeps them from progressing/getting baptized. They either have to get married, their family doesn’t want them in the church, they are scared of committing, they haven’t received an answer to their prayers yet, etc, etc. It’s frustrating, but I have faith that all of them will be able to make the baptismal covenant!
Anyways about the caption. So there’s this stud here that we found named Elias. His family all got baptized, was sealed together, moved to chile, inactivatedm, moved back to Argentina and got destroyed from within due to infidelity/many things. They moved back here about 10 years ago and that’s when the parents were separated and the whole family went inactive.
Fast forward the 10 years and you`ve got 2 white missionaries walking down the street in Salta Argentina. We feel like we need to knock a door so we do. A nice woman answers and says we can come back another day. We come back and meet Yessica Rojas a sealed member of the church who has been inactive for many years and has lost any semblance of a testimony like she once had. We teach her the restoration and give her a Book of Mormon. She cries as we bear our testimonies and we know she felt something. We keep going and visiting her for about a month with no progress. She then gives us the address to her son. We visit him about another month later because we just happened to see that we were passing his house. We knock on the door and he lets us in. He says he wants to come back to the church and starts receiving our visits. He starts progressing, gains a testimony of the Book of Mormon and the restoration of the church. He stops drinking and stops hanging out with his horrible friends and is happier than he has ever been.
The way cool thing about this story is that before he was basically a gangster. So a “villa” is just like a kind of ghetto neighborhood and the gangsters that rob, drink on the streets, do drugs, and all that crap in the villa are called villeros. He was a pretty infamous villero in his barrio until a few weeks before we met him. Also capilla means chapel in spanish so he’s gone from the ghetto to the church haha!
This picture with him is a day where he spent the ENTIRE DAY with us! Starting at 8:30 am with personal study and ending with one last visit that finished right before 10 pm! He loved it and says that he wants to go on a mission now!!! He’s 22 and a HUUUUUGE STUD. Basically Elder Erickson and I are just as happy with him reactivating as we are with any baptism (if not more haha).
So I`m happy! I love you all and I have a testimony that God has me where he needs me!
Livin` the Dream,
Elder Brundage



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