Just a good week. Week 32 (Mitre-Salta)

(Letter from 2/8)

Lol I heard about the super bowl and stuff and I have a story about that. We were walking down a busy street last night and Elder Erickson just goes “Oh my gosh elder oh my gosh” and stops walking in front of this restaurant. I just say whats going on and he tells me to come here. He is like frozen and like freaking out, and I finally see that the super bowl was on one of the tv´s! He was freaked because that was the only football he’s seen in almost 2 years and his team was winning. We just walk away and he’s like moaning trying to resist the temptation to watch haha! It was hilarious.

Anyways it was a good week! I am super sorry but I have like no time this week! I´ll write a good letter this next week I promise!
Love you all! I hope youre all happy! I am!
Livin´ the Dream,
Elder Brundage

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