#TheDivorce -Week 35 (Back to Tucuman)

Sooooooooo these last 2 days have been a little crazy.

So I was having a sweet week, tons of success and I was just sooooo happy. Then we are getting to church yesterday and president called and said that there will be an emergency transfer. That monday morning I was going to be going to Villa Urquiza, Tucuman to replace an elder that was having a problem. And that I was going to be Senior Companion to Elder Black (4 months in the mish) and the other companion was going to be going to Mitre.
So that happened…. Elder Erickson and I had to say goodbye and I had to say bye to everyone in the ward. Packed up all my stuff and left my area a week early. We were going to have 2 baptisms and a wedding this week and at least 1 baptism planned for every one of the next 3 weeks. I´m pretty sad to be honest because I won’t see the fruits of my labors but I am still so happy for them and what they are doing.
I was pretty nervous to be Senior companion and everything but I know it’s going to all be alright. I am going to trust in the Lord and rely on Him in everything I do and I know I can’t fail.
Oh yeah, the divorce thing. Elder E and I were together so long and worked so well together that we joked that we were married hahaha so yeah we got a (very painful) divorce.
Good things ahead! Love you all!
Livin´ the Dream,
Elder Brundage

Elder Erickson and Elder Brundage saying goodbye


Elder Brundage and Elder Black


Elias and Ivana (and Lela one of their kids) They are going to get married this week and Elias is getting baptized this Saturday!


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