Sorry I don’t take pictures…(Tucuman) Week 39


Yeah sorry about that whole picture thing. There just isn’t much to photograph lol
I´m good you guys! All your letters seemed like I was depressed or something haha! It’s all good. I didn’t write because nothing extraordinary happened this last week. Haha don’t worry about me.
Anyways this week was good! A lot of our investigators are really starting to progress more! I’ll tell you a little bit about some of our best investigators. A bunch of them aren’t married so if these people are successful I’m basically Hitch lol
La Familia Juarez: It’s a family of 9 (only 2 of the kids are listening because the parents don’t want to “pressure their kids” which is dumb but whatever they’ll all listen eventually) that are friends of a (returning) less active family in our ward. The Dad Gustavo has never ever let anybody in his house before and the mom Cristina used to listen before. They are really awesome and are progressing quite nicely. 1 has their testimony of the BOM and the rest are still reading and praying! They have their own obstacles haha…. They work on Sundays and they aren’t married (been together for 22 years and are scared of getting married). They were gonna come to church this week but they woke up really sick, so bad that we came the next time and Gustavo asked for a blessing after hearing about it from their member friends. It was really spiritual and I see the changes happening in their family. Cristina keeps saying that he’s more kind and more loving with their kids and her and he says he feels it too but isn’t 100 percent sure yet. But they will be going to General Conference as a family and they are gonna feel it! I see big things from this family!
La Familia Corbalan: These 2 studs named Franco and Florencia. We left a Plan of Salvation pamphlet with him the first time and when we got back he had prayed about it and said he felt the spirit so strongly that he knows its true. We then met his girlfriend/babymama/future wife Florencia and taught the whole lesson to them and gave them a BOM. They then read it and both know that it is true as well. But due to his work schedule its been hard to meet with them. Also they were gonna go to church yesterday but didn’t show. But seriously I am almost certain that they will be baptized because they KEEP THEIR COMMITMENTS! I love it when they do that lol.
I don’t have much more time haha! We now have like 8 investigators right now that have testimonies and just need to get over one barrier. For some its just going to church and some its the law of chastity but all is possible!
Oh I´ll talk a bit about Easter. So the Easter traditions here are basically just catholic traditions. So they start the “Semana Santa” (Holy week) on Wednesday and they don’t eat cow during that time (not really sure why) and people all of a sudden become uber religious and holy for like 4 days and forget about the other 360.  They just do their own thing but that’s none of my business. Anyways they also eat a ton of this one food: Humitas. So they take corn on the cob and they shave the corn (like a  ton of corn) and cook it in water and a few other small veggies until its like this very very thick paste/porridge type thing. Then they serve it with a little bit of cheese and they make this very greasy sauce with green onions and put a little on top. So we ate that Friday before last, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday of this week. We were vegetarians for this week basically because everyone here was a catholic before or they have catholic family now so they have to respect everyone that way and that’s what they eat lol
I am stoked for conference btw
Also I got EXTREMELY sick this week. Like sicker than I’ve ever been before so the Humitas were like bombs in my stomach and I had a fever and everything. It sucked. Reaaaaaally bad. But it’s good now. I’m basically recovered. I don’ t think I have a parasite/dengue/zika/whatever other thing that worries my mom anymore.
Love you all!
Livin´ the Dream,
Elder Brundage

Week 38-no email this week

Braden didn’t write this week to the group.  He wrote me individually and said he didn’t have anything to report so no letter.  😦

When the Area Seventy comes to your ward by surprise-Week 37 (Tucuman)

Hola everyone!
So yeah the Area Seventy for the area South America South just surprised the ward yesterday lol. IT WAS DOPE.
The speaker that was supposed to give the first talk just didn’t show up so the second counselor in the bishopric just says “hey can you give a talk on the Sabbath day?” “uh sure no problem”.
So they are announcing the program and I’m just chilling and then they say “and following Elder Brundage will be Elder Cardus of the Seventy” and I just thought what????
Anyways I gave my talk, used a bunch of scriptures, and without thinking I quoted a talk of President Nelson. He then gets up and he says I will be a second witness of the testimony of Elder Brundage and he then proceeds to use all the same scriptures and everything haha!
So I stole a Seventy´s talk.
Yeah it was still a little rough this week because nobody came to church but it’s all good. We keep trucking and we keep trying! We´ll get them in the chapel this next week.
Still happy, still healthy! I love you all so much!!!
Livin´ the Dream,
Elder Brundage

“Oh you’re a new elder… what happened to the other guy” Something I’ve heard 1000 times. Week 36 (Tucuman)

Soooooooooooo it’s been an interesting week here in Villa Urquiza.

The area is REALLY big and it’s been taking a lot of getting used to but I’m getting to know where everything is and where everyone lives so that I can really take over in the area.
So the area was struggling before I got here. When I got here there weren’t hardly any investigators, the ward didn’t trust us as missionaries, and basically everything was in disarray. So basically this week we focused on finding new people and gaining the trust of the members.

We worked very very hard and saw the fruits of our labors everyday. I felt the spirit guiding me everyday and in every moment and really relied on the Lord this week. We talked with everybody we saw and we found 16 new investigators. Some of them are in awesome families and some are just 1 or 2 of a big family that wanted to listen to us. They really have so much potential and are progressing. We didn’t have anybody in church so that stinks but we did our best and we are trusting that the Lord will provide if we ask with faith.

My comp and I are doing pretty well. He’s still learning to speak the language so I teach most of the lessons and do most of the contacts. I’ve been pushed really hard this week but I´ve also seen how I´ve grown. When we are put through trials the Lord always gives us the strength to get through them if we trust in Him and work hard.
Soooooo about Mitre 1: I’m not 100% sure of what happened but this is basically what happened. Elias and Ivana did get married but Elias couldn’t get baptized quite yet. And Federico Robles did get baptized and confirmed!!! I haven’t been able to talk to Elder Erickson yet so I´m not really sure.
Anyways I love you all! Keep me in your prayers!
Livin´ the Dream,
Elder Brundage