When the Area Seventy comes to your ward by surprise-Week 37 (Tucuman)

Hola everyone!
So yeah the Area Seventy for the area South America South just surprised the ward yesterday lol. IT WAS DOPE.
The speaker that was supposed to give the first talk just didn’t show up so the second counselor in the bishopric just says “hey can you give a talk on the Sabbath day?” “uh sure no problem”.
So they are announcing the program and I’m just chilling and then they say “and following Elder Brundage will be Elder Cardus of the Seventy” and I just thought what????
Anyways I gave my talk, used a bunch of scriptures, and without thinking I quoted a talk of President Nelson. He then gets up and he says I will be a second witness of the testimony of Elder Brundage and he then proceeds to use all the same scriptures and everything haha!
So I stole a Seventy´s talk.
Yeah it was still a little rough this week because nobody came to church but it’s all good. We keep trucking and we keep trying! We´ll get them in the chapel this next week.
Still happy, still healthy! I love you all so much!!!
Livin´ the Dream,
Elder Brundage

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