Fatherhood is cool! Week 43 (Tucuman)

Hola familia y amigos!

It was a good week! I was out of my area Monday through Wednesday because I went to Salta to pick up mi hijo. We got to Salta at 9:30 at night and we had a slumber party with all the trainers and office elders which was fun. But the best part of the night was that I saw ELDER ERICKSON. He just finished his mission but him and his dad were going to visit his converts and he stopped by. Love that guy :’)
Then the next day we got trained a little by President and got our children (new missionaries). My hijo is,…….Elder Carrasco from Santa Cruz, Bolivia!
He’s 20 years old and a really good dude. Really prepared for the mission.
So basically I have to teach him about everything in mission life. How to teach, how to plan, how to contact, how to work with members etc. It’s a little challenging but really cool!
Anyways here’s how everyone is doing:
Familia Juarez: We had a really spiritual lesson on Friday. They accepted to live the law of chastity and get married! They, and their daughter Lara accepted baptismal dates for next month! We’ve got a wedding to plan!
Familia Molina: They are progressing a ton and doing super well! They weren’t able to go to church because the mom of Susana (the mom) has cancer and she’s getting worse so they had to go to the hospital, but they said they were really excited to go to church and were really sad they couldn’t go.
We talked with Susana last night and she was telling us about how she is passing for so many problems that are very heavy and difficult to endure. She said that before we started teaching her she was angry with God and almost completely gave up. She said that since we got there she doesn’t see her problems like before. She said “I know I’ m a daughter of God and that he loves me and that all this is just to make me stronger and to increase my faith and my dependence in him” She’s incredible.
I also felt the spirit testify to me during that talk that the reason that I am here in this area, in this mission, at this time is so that I can help this family receive the gospel. It’s a feeling that I will never forget.
I love my mission and the people here!
Livin’ the dream,
Elder Brundage

Saying goodbye to Elder Erickson who is finished with his mission.


Elder Brundage and Elder Carrasco



Elder Carrasco from Bolivia. Braden’s new companion that he is training!


Big News-(Tucuman) Week 42


Lol sorry Britt and Nick, I’m not pregnant but I am going to be TRAINING A BRAND NEW MISSIONARY!!! He will be my son or “hijo” (pronounced ee-hoe) and I will always be his Dad or Papi in the mission haha!

I don’t know who it is yet but I will go to pick him up in Salta this Wednesday. I’m super excited to train! A little nervous, but very very excited anyways! It’s going to be quite the adventure!

Anyways it was a really good last week here with Elder Black. We worked very very hard and we saw the results. We had 7 investigators in church this Sunday!!! The Familia Juarez (the parents and one daughter) and the Familia Molina as well (the mom, Susana, Brenda (16), Veronica (14), Jesus (10), and the twins Thiago and Juan (7))

Gustavo and Cristina Juarez aren’t married yet and are scared to get married, but in church a sister had a talk about Eternal marriage and did what we call in the mission as “Bajar la caña” (in English Drop Cane) which means she basically called everyone that wasn’t sealed to their spouse to repentance and I could tell that the Familia Juarez was like sinking in their seats a little bit haha! We’ll see how that goes.

Also the members are helping the Familia Molina a ton! I shouldn’t talk about the details but after church Susana came up to me and said “I was asking God for so long to send us somebody to rescue us. And then you knocked on our door. And now I’m here and I know that rescuing us is exactly what you are doing”. I almost cried. I love them soooo much!

Well that’s basically it for this week! Oh by the way Elder Black is going to a tiny little branch called Aguaray (attendance of 15-20) in Tartagal in the northern part of Salta province. I wish him luck!

I love this gospel with all my heart and I know I am doing the work of the Lord here in Argentina!

#BaptismalGoal (for my 3 months with my hijo) 8
Lets gooooooo

Livin’ the Dream,

Elder Brundage

ps. I sent pictures are you happy


Saying goodbye to Elder Black!


Splits with Elder Longi


La Familia Galvez (Ward mission leader and his family)


District: Me, Elder Guerra, Eelder Longi, Elder Arts, Elder Hess, Elder Black


A Hollywood style sign in one of the neighborhoods


Familia Villagran (members that feed us)


Familia Porta (ex bishop and his son)


Jonathan (ward member), Elder Black and Elder Brundage


Last Week of the Transfer (Tucuman) Week 41

Hola Familia y amigos!

This was kind of a slow week. Not much to report. Nobody came to church.
Franco and Florencia Corbalan are now in the process of deciding about marriage. We taught the whole lesson and focused on families and everything and Franco was on board but Florencia was like “Uh… I don’t know… it’s just the whole thing with my age. I’m really young.” This whole time we thought she was the same ages as Franco (23) so we ask her “wait how old are you??” and she says “18”………… We tried our best to hold in our surprise (she looks waaay older than 18). So yeah that was kind of surprising because they also have a 1.5 year old son named Ian. You do the math. But it’s cool. They are praying and reading together to know if its right.
The Familia Juarez are basically in the same boat but with WAY more time together and 7 kids. So they are praying together about that as well. I have confidence that they will do it!
Not much else really! I just keep trucking along!
By the way transfers are this next week so I’ll have a new comp when I write you next time! (maybe)
I have a lot to improve and do a whole lot better. I am so grateful for the atonement and the chance I have to start over fresh when I do something wrong. As Elder Holland said in conference “El Señor bendice a los que quieren mejorar” (The Lord blesses those that want to improve) Love you all!
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder Brundage
ps. I actually did take some sweet pictures this week but I forgot my camera soooooooo you guys are getting a double heaping next week haha!
Also Elias and Ivana finally got married and got baptized!! Here are the pics that elder E sent me!!!!!!!!

Conference Amirite? (Tucuman) Week 40

Hola familia y amigos!

Entonces… Gen conf was the bomb! We spent the entire week inviting anybody and everybody to go see and hear the voice of a living prophet and apostles of the Lord. How incredible is that blessing?! God lives and speaks to us today through his servants, the prophets. This is something that we often take for granted as members of the church and it shouldn’t be that way. I have realized in my time how lost the world really is and how the words of Prophets bring guidance, direction, and purpose to the lives of the lost.
This last conference I was in Tucuman and we were preparing Bruno Bonanno for baptism. He was very scared to get baptized without being 100% sure of all the baptismal questions and he could never say that he was sure that Thomas S. Monson was a prophet. We gave him talks to read but it just didn’t cut it. Then general conference came. We scheduled his baptismal interview in between the 2 Sunday sessions and we gave him a promise that if he went to the conference with an open heart the spirit would testify that Thomas S. Monson was a prophet and would feel ready for his interview.
So we watch the session and we meet in the hall after, and I just asked him “So… what do you think?” He looked at me and said with all the surety of heart and a smile “Sí hermano. Sí”. He went to his interview and passed and was baptized the next week. I will never forget the power of that day!
Bruno Update: I’ve heard from the Elder in Parque Guillermina that Bruno is still very very active and is growing a ton in the church. The rest of the family haven’t really progressed because the desires aren’t there. But they keep trying!
This conference we had investigators there! One member brought his nonmember friend Carlos, and the parents of the familia Juarez came! We didn’t get to talk much with them after but they said that they really liked it! Whoooooo!
I have one more story from this week. La Familia Molina, a new family we are teaching now! So rewind like a month to my first week here. E. Black and I are walking and I basically make a joke about contacting this huge group of teenagers (there was 11 and I hate talking to huge groups like that) and he just says “No lets do it.” I say “Seriously, do you want to?” And he did, so we went over, made friends with them, got some addresses and invited them all to church. One girl seemed a little more genuine than the rest (Veronica Molina) so I put a little star by her name in my planner.
Fast forward to last week. I see her name in my planner and just feel these crazy strong desires to visit her. We were finally able to go and we knock the door and the mom looked though a peephole in her door (a hole in her door that she uncovered) and told us that she was locked in (a very typical lie here) and that her husband was getting a locksmith to open the door. But something in her voice said that she really wanted us to come back. So we go back a few days later and we meet her at the door. She tells us that she needs our help and is going through some really rough problems. We gave her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet, said that she isn’t alone in her problems and God wants her to know that he’s there. Then we said we´d come back another day because there wasn’t a man in the house.
This week we went back and she told us the story. One night she was experiencing a lot of difficulties and sadness and everything was just too much. She prayed and asked God to send her someone to help her and her family. Her daughter Veronica gets home and tells her about us and about how they should go to church. Then she waited for us to come, not knowing how to find us or if we would come back. Then she prayed about 3 weeks later that “those boys who talked to my daughter would get to my door.” Later that night we knocked on her door. Then a little later that week she prayed that she wouldn’t have to feel alone and later that night we knock on her door and we felt inspired to testify that she never will be alone. We are now teaching a large part of her family and they are so humble and wonderful!
What a blessing it is to be a missionary! What a blessing it is to answer the humble prayer of another. Mine is the same testimony as President Monson´s  “The sweetest experience I know in life is to feel a prompting and act upon it and later find out that it was the fulfillment of someone’s prayer or someone’s need. And I always want the Lord to know that if He needs an errand run, Tom Monson will run that errand for Him” May we all be that person that the Lord can count on!
Love you all!
Livin the dream,
Elder Brundage