Week 44 (Tucuman)

Hola Familia y amigos!

This week was good but a little challenging in some ways. We only found 1 new investigator the whole week and we’re (I’m) definitely feeling the pressure from the leaders. We worked our butts off to find some but that’s just what happens sometimes.
The Familia Juarez came to church again and they are still on track to get baptized on the 21st! We’re still working on all the legal stuff for their wedding but we’ll get it done soon and they are definitely going to get baptized! So awesome!!
The Familia Molina is still going through some SERIOUS, and heavy problems but they are still progressing and seeing the blessings in their lives through this gospel. We finally got to talk to the Dad (Oscar) and he accepted to be baptized! We didn’t put a date yet because they aren’t married and the parents can’t go to church right now for some VERY valid reasons. Can’t go into details but yeah. All the kids were able to come to church too and they have a baptismal date for the 14th!
The only thing that I ask of all of you is that you pray for the Familia Molina. They need all the strength that they can get right now. Honestly I couldn’t go through close to half of what the Mom (Susana) is going through right now. She has so much faith and so much hope. I know God loves her because he sent us to her right in the middle of the worst time in her life and now she has something to hold on to. I feel very inadequate to play the role that I am right now. They depend so much on the Lord and I am truly humbled to be able to help them in their conversion process.
Love you all!
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder Brundage

Eating with the Craven Family


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