Week 45 (Tucuman)

Hola Familia y amigos!

Well it was sure fun to skype with my fam yesterday! The time in those calls always flies by haha!
Anyway, it was a good week! Elder Carrasco and I are doing well together! The thing about having a gringo and a latino together is that the cultures don’t mix very much. So one of us will try to tell a joke or a funny story (my only way to bond) and the other one just doesn’t really get it. Not like the language but in the way it hits the person (I don’t get why they think that their jokes are funny and Elder Carrasco only laughs at like half of my jokes). So it’s hard to be like best buds but we’re doing good haha! We bond over food basically. We make a lot of homemade french fries at night….
So here’s the thing, la familia Molina and la familia Juarez are still good! They all went to church again yesterday and they are all working towards their baptism. There isn’t really too much news on that front. Besides the fact that the wedding of la Familia Juarez is going to be in June not May. Sooooo I’ll explain a little about the culture here.
2 topics: Tucumán and the church here in Argentina
Tucumán: So what you need to know is that all the other provinces in Argentina hate Tucumán or the people from here. Its kind of like Texas, nobody likes Texas except for the people that live there lol! They speak really weird and with a ton of slang that they made up (they call it Tucumano basico). It’s honestly just dangerous everywhere you go. It’s known for the fact that people get robbed here aaaaallll the time. Like there isn’t a person 14 years or older that hasn’t been robbed at least once by two changos on a motorcycle haha! (Don’t worry mom, God protects me (not a joke))
There’s about the same number or more of motorcycles on the street that there are of cars. So there’s a lot of motorcycle accidents. The people here are waaay whiter here than in other parts. They are darker than I am but you get the point. A lot of the girls and their moms dye their hair blonde too.
The people here are reaaally sociable and the are seeeerrrrious talkers. Sometimes we lose control of a lesson and they start talking about whatever. We could literally be in their houses hours talking if we weren’t on a tight schedule.
The church: My ward is called Villa Urquiza and we have about 5 active members and about 600 inactive members. The highest attendance I’ve seen here is 80 and the lowest 25 because it rained one morning. (if it rains here the people use it as an excuse to do nothing.)
Everybody here stinks at singing and I’m basically the only person in this ward that knows all the melodies (and can actually hit the notes haha) so the hymns here are just ok haha! But everyone here is great friends and really close so it’s like a family and really fun!
Honestly, I don’t even remember what the church is like in the states now. I don’t really remember what’s “normal”. So if you ask me a question I’ll do my best to answer it!
Love you all!
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder Brundage

Mother’s Day Skype


Mother’s Day Skype!


Homemade French Fries!


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