#DistritoLosFacheros Week 47 (Tucuman)

Hola Familia y amigos!

It was a good week! Very normal haha! The same people keep progressing and the rest show a ton of potential the whole week and then sleep in on Sunday haha! Its cool, we’re gonna find some super studmuffins here real soon.
The good news is that the Familia Juarez came to church and so 2 of their daughters (Lara and Ailen) will be baptized this Saturday! I love seeing their progress. They now have a ton of member friends, they are actively participating in ward activities and the church services. They are inviting their friends and neighbors to our lessons in their house. They read a ton of the Book of Mormon! The mom, Cristina, is in Alma 50. The dad, Gustavo is in Mosiah 10 and the kids are just a little bit behind them! It’s so sweet. They’re the best haha!
I don’t know what to write… The time is passing by extremely fast! I’ve been with Elder Carrasco for about a month now and we end the first half of his training next Sunday! It’s nuts. He’s doing good.
Today we went really close to my first area to play soccer with our zone and the other zone. We had an asado and our district showed off our district jerseys #DistritoLosFacheros (a fachero is like one of those cool guys that everyone sees and they just have to say “wow, that’s one good looking guy” Examples of facheros: Ryan Gosling, Cristiano Ronaldo etc.)
So yeah…. I love you guys! I’m happy!
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder Brundage



They nicknamed me Big Dipsy (not sure why)


First time in a while that anyone has done that to me hahaah (Elder Vonasek)


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