I’m Gonna Have a Nephew-Woooo! (Tucuman) Week 48

Hola Familia y Amigos!

1st of all I would like to say congrats to my sister Brittany and her husband Nick for finding out that their baby will be a boy! wooooooo (ps. I called it)

I’m doing well, thanks for asking haha!
1. Elder Carrasco is now half way done with his training! 1 transfer down, 1 to go!
2. This Wednesday marks 11 months in the mission! The time is flying by so fast! 1 year ago I was just sitting on my couch at home, extremely nervous but also very anxious to go and serve. Now that I’m here and I have experienced what I’ve experienced, those days and that “me” seem so far away now.
3. I love empanadas. No tengo mucho tiempo para aprender cómo hacerlas pero voy a dedicar un tiempito y cuando vuelva les haré empanadas riquísimas 🙂 (rough translation:  I don’t have a lot of time to learn how to make them, but I will spend some time learning so I can make them when I come home)
4. Lara and Aylen got baptized!!!
So, this was a good week! We spent a good chunk of it preparing Lara and Aylen for their baptisms. We went on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday to get them all ready. We would have gone everyday but the Familia Juarez are studs and they helped a TON with a stake dance that our ward’s youth organized to raise money to go to the temple in July. The familia Juarez makes food for a living and their pizza is TO DIE FOR and so they made a bunch of pizzas with the youth to sell at the dance on Wednesday and then they went to the dance Friday night! (Such studs, they are more active in church activities than a lot of members haha) We had their interview on Thursday and they both did it in like 5 minutes cause they were so ready. They got baptized and confirmed and they felt awesome!! A great weekend!
We keep going and we keep trying. I love this work and all of you!
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder Brundage
ps. Today was transfers and Elder Carrasco and I are still together
pps. Jealous of my fam for going on vacation to Socal
ppps. I miss mexican food lol

Last District Meeting before transfers

P1010675Right after the baptismal interviews of Lara and Aylen (with Elder Iongi and Elder Lewis)


The Familia Juarez


The Familia Juarez


Lara and Aylen Juarez


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