Un año más! (Tucuman) Week 50

Hola Familia y amigos!

Well today’s date is June 13th 2016. On June 13th 2017 I will be headed home. 1 year to go folks. No biggie.
Ok a few experiences from this week:
Tuesday: I did divisions (I found out that in English they’re called exchanges. Weird) here in Villa Urquiza. The comp of our district leader came here, Elder Rudder came here and we had a good day. We broke our curse of not finding new investigators so that was bomb. Selfie of Elder Rudder included in the other email.
Wednesday: We visited the Familia Juarez in the morning because they were going to be working that night and Daniela finally became an investigator! She couldn’t stay long because she was going to be late to institute classes lol. We also scheduled for this next Wednesday to learn how to make empanadas with them. Stoked. Also we set a baptismal date for Gustavo, Cristina, and Aarón (little 10 year old brother) for July 9th! They will get married on the 7th and baptized on the 9th! We are also working to get Daniela and Ivana for the 9th too so that they can do it together!
Friday: We had a conference with Elder Texeira of the 70 and his wife. They’re from Portugal so English is their 2nd language and Spanish is their 3rd or 4th (they lived in Germany for a while too haha). So yeah they are really impressive. Anyways Elder Texeira talked about doing stuff differently. Big ideas and different things that will help us find those prepared for the gospel.
My favorite example:
When he was a mission pres in Brasil an elder called him and asked if he could do the following. Buy a huge sign that says “GET TO KNOW THE MORMONS” and put it outside the chapel. Then they go inside in the less productive times of the day and just wait for people to walk in. When somebody walked in they would explain that they are missionaries and their job is to help people become members of the church and ask if they are interested. Then they went to see the baptismal font and they explained baptism and the requirements. They then invite them to prepare for baptism by receiving the missionary lessons. He thought it was a bold idea so he let them do it.
The first week 7 people walked in. Within a month 6 of those 7 were baptized and confirmed members of the church. The elder wanted to find people who really desired the gospel and the spirit worked in them so that, when they saw that sign, they went in and received the fullness of the restored gospel.  Awesome.
Well anyways. It was a good week.
Love you all!
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder Brundage

Elder Rudder from Nampa Idaho



Today we played soccer and basketball with some people from the ward and nonmembers and we ate hamburgers whoo

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