Happy Birthday/Father’s Day (Tucuman) Week 51

SHOUTOUT TO THE BEST DAD IN THE WORRRRRLLLLDDD BARRY BRUNDAGE!!!! Happy father’s day and birthday this last week!!!!

Also happy birthday to my Grandpa and Nick who also had birthdays this last week!
Well it was a good week! We’ve got some really solid new investigators that we’re working with that are making some great progress and really have a strong desire to know more and feel the blessings of the gospel!
Some highlights:
Some testigos de Jehová (Jehovahs witnesses) knocked on our door during weekly planning. I opened the door and they went from “HI!” to “oh…” the moment they saw my nametag and my general gringoness indicating that I am a mormon missionary. They then tried to preach to me and asked me if I had read the bible and I was like “yeah”. She just did her little shpeal (no idea how to spell that.) and then I contacted her and offered them juice. Then i back hand sprung away from the awkward situation (only my sisters understand me. struggle)
That same day we heard firecrackers and people yelling and police sirens coming from the freeway and we both totally thought it was a protest. We leave and go to see and they have this really big statue of the Virgen de Milagros (its the Virgin Mary but dressed in a specific way and they say that the virgin appeared in the sky during the ultimate battle for Argentina’s independence). They were taking this virgin statue down the freeway and worshipping it in like a parade type thing. People were lighting off fireworks and there was a lot of screaming and yelling. Catholics gone wild!! lol
Today we were able to go to my first area and visit the familia Bonanno and eat lunch with them! Bruno is doing great and is still active in the church! I kind of dropped cane with love on the rest of the family because they stopped listening but still read the Book of Mormon a little and they go to church every now and then. So I told them what they needed to do haha! They’ll all make it some day!!
Love you all!
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder Brundage

Bruno Bonnano family from Braden’s 1st area of Tucuman (Braden’s 1st baptism of the mission)



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