(Almost) Over the Hill-(Tucuman) Week 52

Hola familia y amigos!

Well it was a really good week! We had some serious success this week! More lessons than I’ve had since I got here and we were able to have 11 investigators in church yesterday! It was sweet. It was also freezing cold (there was snow on the mountains) so there weren’t that many members so we brought like a 4th of the congregation haha!
We had the familia Juarez come and we also found and started to teach the brother of Gustavo (father of the Familia Juarez) named Andrés and his family of 9! They all went too and they loved it! They’ve been reading and praying and they feel that it’s true! We call them the Familia Juarez 2 haha! There’s also a familia Molina 2 but they couldn’t come 😦
Also another woman that we’ve been teaching for a while finally came to church. Her name is Analia and has a baptismal date for July 16th!
Funny thing that happened this week: We were teaching the Familia Juarez on Wednesday and it was all good. Talking about the plan of Salvation and stuff and then I see a rat climbing the wall going to where the cement walls meet the roof (made out of metal plates with ridges. Kind of like large metal ruffles. They’re called chapas) and I said hey there’s a rat. There’s a tiny bit of space so the rat just chilled there looking at us. Now this family sells food for a living so its very important that rats aren’t in their house. Gustavo goes into his room and I hear “voy a pegarla con un tiro” (basically its slang for “I’m going to shoot it”). He then walks out with this rifle and all his daughters and his wife were like ” NO NO NO” and like screaming and stuff. And we were just dying laughing just in shock at the sudden change of circumstances. Then he tells us it’s just a big bb gun. He loads it, cocks it and with some serious marksmanship hits the dang rat square in the head.
Imagine all of this happening while like 5 or 6 women are screaming and saying “papá noooo” and then the moment he fires his wife says “sabés que sos tonto no?” (You know you’re an idiot right?) The spirit was gone so we just laughed it off, said a prayer and left.
Well that’s all I got! I love you all! I love this gospel so much!!
Livin’ the Dream
Elder Brundage
ps. Keep the Familia Molina in your prayers. They are still going through a lot of problems. They need all the prayers they can get!

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