A Surprise Anniversary Present (Tucuman) Week 53

Hola familia y amigos!

Sooooooo I have a surprise!

On Monday we were looking at the marriage papers with the Familia Juarez and we saw that the date of their wedding was the 1st not the 7th! So this last Friday Gustavo Juarez and Cristina Nickler were married! We all went to registro civil (a government building) and they signed the papers with fancy clothes on and they were pronounced husband and wife! Nothing too fancy.
Since it was a surprise the ward wasn’t able to do any party or anything but I’m pretty sure they are gonna do something for their baptism. They had been planning for next thursday and the relief society was super busy with something else so we just had an asado that night with The Familia Juarez and some friends.
Now that they were able to get married, them two and 3 of their kids will be baptized this Wednesday the 6th! The ward is going to travel to the Cordoba temple from Thursday the 7th until Saturday the 9th at night and Daniela wanted one of the YSA’s (Pascual whose real name is Jonathan. That guy who sent you a picture of Elder Black and I) to baptize her and he’s going to the temple so we have to do it Wednesday night! It’s gonna be great! They also have the goal to be sealed in the temple a year after! They are so converted its nuts. LOVE THEM!
It is such a joy to see the conversion of the children of God. And it’s even sweeter when a whole family learns about, accepts, and lives the gospel of Jesus Christ together! We’ve only got one more to go in this family! The 18 year old Exequiel. Daniela (the oldest) says he’s been reading the Book of Mormon by himself and that he’s just weird and shy when it comes to formal talks and discussions like we do. He’s coming soon!
Also this Friday I hit my year mark……… It was weird…… Its all downhill from here……
Also this next monday there are transfers and it’s my birthday! If president follows the pattern, I’ll be leaving and will spend a good part of my 20th birthday in a bus 🙂
Love you all!
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder Brundage

The District


Juarez Wedding Day


Juarez Family-getting married



PDay with the District


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