It’s a (White) Boy!-(Famailla, Tucuman) Week 61

Hola Familia y amigos!

Well it was a crazy week!
On Monday I said bye to Elder Osorio and a lot of people in the district and then Elder Cloud and I were together here in Famaillá on Monday and then went to Monteros to sleep and work Tuesday morning. We went to Salta on Tuesday night and got the newbies on Wednesday!
There were 16 new missionaries and 13 of them were Americans so I kind of expected what was coming haha! My new companion’s name is Elder Rich! He’s from Worland Wyoming, and he’s really cool. He’s 18 and he comes from a family of 9 and is an amazing wrestler. He’s struggling a little bit with the language but so does every gringo haha! He’s super excited and ready to work and he LOVES the mission so far!
This week Pamela and Melanie Bazán got baptized! It was really stressful having so little time to prepare them this week and at the same time help Elder Rich get settled in and stuff, but we were able to do everything and they were baptized and confirmed and all is well!
I was afraid that the crappy apartment and the small town and even smaller branch would scare or discourage him but it hasn’t! He wanted to be in a small town and he thought the crappy apartment was awesome because it is the “real mission experience”. He was expecting to sleep in dirt and stuff like that haha! He’s taught me a lot about how my attitude should be about all this. WE ARE ON THE LORDS ERRAND! What greater thing could I do than help this part of the Lord’s vineyard!
I love you guys!!!
Livin’ the dream,
Elder Brundage
ps. I forgot to tell you guys. A few weeks ago I performed my first baby blessing in sacrament meeting! It was way cool!
(He was having computer problems and wasn’t able to send the baptism pictures)

Shout out to Bethany on her birthday!


Showing some birthday love to his sister!!

Braden new comp

Braden and Elder Rich from Worland, Wyoming!


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