(Famailla, Tucuman) – Week 64

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Soooooo not much happened this week! It was a normal week you know?
Wake up. Exercise. Get Ready. Study. Work. Eat. Study. Work. Plan. Sleep.
We have some people that are really really amazing but have seemed to take a break from progressing for a little bit haha! I know they have so much potential and they are so ready and so prepared. We just have to do a little something different and they will be ready to listen more, learn, progress and make covanents with the Lord!
The good news is that one of our investigators named Victoria is going to be baptized not this Saturday but next Saturday! Her mom finally gave her permission and she’s gonna be able to make it to October 1st! She was going to get baptized and confirmed this Saturday and Sunday but she missed church because she was sick and couldn’t go! But that gives us enough time to help her invite a ton of people to the service and make it great!!!!
I’m so excited for conference it’s nuts. I need a spiritual boost!
Still lovin’ life. Still livin’ the Dream!
Elder Brundage
ps. Sorry no pics 😦



An older picture of Elder Brundage


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