Montaña Rusa Argentina (Famailla, Tucuman) Week 65

Hola Familia y Amigos!

My subject line isn’t about an actual roller coaster but it’s been a roller coaster week!
I’ll give you the play by play:
Monday: We had a fun day playing soccer with the zone and having Choripan (Sausage sandwiches basically haha). Then the afternoon kind of took a turn. Everybody we tried to visit wasn’t home or they didn’t want to receive us. About 1/4 of our investigators told us they would not be investigating anymore and that they don’t want us to come back.
Tuesday: We had our district meeting and I kind of had to drop the cane (bajar la caña it’s like slang for like rebuke with scripture and the spirit but with love like it says in D&C 121 haha) about our focus on our callings and in our meetings and stuff. Don’t worry guys I’m not one of those horrible leaders. I did it with lots of love :))))))
In the afternoon basically the same thing happened. Nobody was home or they didn’t want us to come back anymore. We lost like another 1/4 of our investigators.
Wednesday: Once again it was a rough day. We lost MORE investigators and we had hardly any lessons. We weren’t discouraged though. It was the craziest thing. We were both just so calm and collected when in other times of my mission this could have crushed me. We prayed so hard and we asked the Lord to lead us to his chosen sons and daughters. We promised him that if he would put them where we are, we would find and talk to them.
Thursday: Weekly planning, and then my companion and all the other newbies in the zone had to go to Salta to work on their visas. I was in a trio all day and we didn’t get to work in our areas. Forgot my camera so there aren’t any pics sorrrryyyyy
Friday: The trio worked in Famaillá for an hour and a half and NOTHING WORKED AT ALL. We finally went to leave Famaillá and we waited for the bus. A woman sat next to me and I felt the opposite of in the mood to talk to her. Then I felt within myself “If you won’t talk to her then why are you here?” So I talked to her. Her name is Lucia Cejas and she is going through a really tough time. She opened up to me so much at that bus stop. I set up an appointment for the next day and we left in the bus.
Saturday: We visit her and teach her. She is SOOOO PREPARED. She just wants things to get better and to be happier and she will do anything to do it. She accepted the Book of Mormon, baptism and an invitation to church.
Later that night the Lord made us feel that we had to visit a certain member. We went to his house and there he was with his 2 friends willing and ready to talk to us. That brother had already talked to them about the church and they had set up to go with him to church the next day. We taught them briefly and left.
Sunday: All 3 of the people that we had found the day before came to church! Lucia read WAAAAAAYYY more than we asked her to in the book of mormon and she prayed to know if it was true. She said she felt that God had answered her prayer and that’s why she was there.
God ALWAYS keeps his promises. I know it and I love him for it. We are never alone and he will NEVER abandon us. Dont you ever forget it!!!
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder Brundage

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