It’s Halloween? (Famailla, Tucuman) Week 70

Hola Familia y Amigos!!

That was my quote when Elder Rich told me happy halloween today lol
Yeah basically it doesn’t exist here. It’s gaining more popularity every year but it hasn’t really gotten up here in the north of Argentina haha! I’ve heard its way bigger in Buenos Aires, but that’s about it! No sweets for me!!!
It was a good week this week! We didn’t get to teach very much but some of our investigators are starting to progress a lot more! Miguel Sosa went to church with his less active son, Lucas and loved it again! He has a baptismal date for the 12th but I think we’ll have to change it for the 19th or 26th because they are just now starting their marriage papers and everything.
A new family named the Familia Pereyra-Figueroa-Vasquez (yeah they are kind of a mixed bunch hahahha) that we found on Saturday already read the part of the BOM (Book of Morman) that we left with them and are praying to know that it is true! They told us that as we were walking home last night and they walked out of their catholic church after mass haha!
Sooooo yeah the zone leader is with a mini missionary right now (a member who lives like a missionary from 1 week to 6 weeks) and we have a zone training this week. So the assistants asked me to help him give the training.

I go to Salta today to go to the mission leadership council and I get back tomorrow night.
Elder Rich is going to be here with that mini missionary for all today and tomorrow until like 9. Pray for him! He’s a stud but is rightfully a little nervous and stressed. My little boy is all grown up :’)
Well that’s the biggest stuff I can think of!
Ask me questions, I’ll write them down and respond!
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder Brundage
Pictures taken from the Mission Facebook page of a recent zone conference

Week 69 Famailla, Tucuman

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Soooooo this week was good and normal!

We kept visiting people and we’ve seen very little progress with the investigators to be honest. I love them all so much but we need to think about how we are going to get them to progress or we’ll have to move on!

One family is progressing more but there is also sad news about them haha! So The Familia Sosa is a great great family! The dad is Miguel, the mom Alejandra, and they have 2 boys Lucas and Yutiel. They’ve been to church many times and they know that everything we teach is true but something was holding them back. When we taught the law of chastity and eternal marriage and families things started to change! They felt more peace in their home and they felt that there was less anger and frustration because they now know that they are working for something that will last a whole lot longer than a few months or years or decades but for the eternities!!! They committed to get married and to start their eternal family!

The only problem now is that they are now going to move to Mar del Plata in Buenos Aires…. They are moving because of problems with the family of Alejandra. So yeah. We’ll see what happens to them in the future and how we can help them until they leave.

We had a zone conference this week with president and it was great! We talked a lot about our purpose as missionaries and how to use our time wisely. Learned a good deal!

I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior! He already suffered and died for our sins and is willing to take away all of our grief and pain and guilt if only we follow his example; if we have faith in him, repent of our sins, are baptized by the proper authority, recieve the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end. This is why I’m here.

I love my savior. I love my God. He blesses me so much.

Livin’ the Dream,

Elder Brundage


Elder Birch (AP)


Elder Brundage, Elder Batman, Elder Rich


Elder Rich

When so much stuff happens you can’t even remember anything…(Famailla, Tucuman) Week 68

Hola Familia y Amigos!

So yeah I’m in that dilemma again haha!
These two weeks were great! This week was the baptism (finally) of Victoria Fanari! She’s a super stud and she was super prepared!! We had her interview on Wednesday and passed with flying colors and we thought everything was going to be easy and stress free……….. yeah right.
So we never could teach her a few things that were left. Her mom always said “she doesn’t understand this.  Can you teach it again?” and just to like not make her mad we taught her that. Sooooooo we went into Saturday missing some things we had to teach. Then a few other things happened that Satan tried to stop the baptism but HE CAN’T STOP US!!! 🙂
1. Our branch pres said yeah don’t worry guys I’ll fill up the baptismal font. We thought it was great and we were doing our thing but decided to go to the church. We walk in and see all the water spilling out because our pres forgot to put the cap thing on so the water didn’t get out and it was spilling everywhere hahaha
2. Right before the baptism we find out that Victoria and her mom fought and the mom wasn’t going to let her get baptized. We pray and walk over there and she says its fine. It was scary for a sec haha!
3. Right before we could start the baptism we had to teach her those things she didn’t have haha. We had already started late and so we had to start even later.
4. The power went out and we were in almost complete darkness…. soooo everyone at the service just kind of laughed it off and got their phone flashlights going in the pitch dark.
5. I baptized her and when she got under the cold water (we just fill up a little pool with a hose) she like freaked and kicked out a little and she hit her head on the wall. The worst part is that her clothes stayed out a little bit so we had to do it again! The second time was better haha!
I love this work! God leads it! I love the people here and I love the Lord. He is sooo good to us.
Bienvenidos a mi nuevo sobrinito Kade!!!!!!!
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder “Uncle Braden” Brundage

The District


Trying to take a district selfie


Victoria’s Baptism


Victoria’s mom and sisters


Victory Grido (sweet ice cream chain here)


Famailla, Tucuman Week 67

Sooooo I tried sending pictures for too long and now I have no time….

I think my SD card got a virus or something. It won’t let me access the photos and it says that there is some sort of danger. It still works on my camera but not on the computer. I’m gonna use the other camera card that you gave me and keep taking pictures like that. Sorry, I literally have n0 time left. I got my suit.  It fits great. Victoria is getting baptized this Saturday for sure!
Love you!!!!
Elder Brundage
(Good thing a wonderful member sent mom some pics this week 🙂 )

Elder Rich, Elder Brundage and Diego Canetes


Elder Rich and Elder Brundage


(Famailla, Tucuman) Week 66

Hola Familia y amigos!

Obvs the best part was conference but I’ll get there in a minute 🙂
I’ll give you the large plates (aka the history of what happened).
Monday: I don’t remember if I told you guys but I was sick for a while. I actually went and got x-rays of my chest and head because I have a sinus infection. We went to the doctor and he wasn’t even there…….
Tuesday: District meeting and then to the doctor once more! He referred me to an ear nose and throat doctor (it’s called otorrinolaringólogo in Spanish). We were there the whole day and didn’t get to teach 😦
Thursday: We were able to have a great day! We taught a lot and committed a lot of people to go to the conference!
Friday: Doctor….. Again. He wants to get rid of all the liquid I have in my sinuses so he prescribed me a hardcore treatment. A pill twice a day for 10 days, a nasal spray 3 times a day, and…….. a shot in my butt. I still haven’t done the treatment hahah I need to find time to get the shot.
Conference: We went to Concepcion to watch on Saturday. We got there almost late and it starts at 1 so we didn’t get to eat lunch and we were dying the whole time but we survived because of the spiritual nutrients 🙂 We made our own English room and crammed all the gringos into the tiny room with the church computer 🙂
I absolutely adored the Saturday morning session. I have never felt so strongly that God was speaking to me through his servants. I received many answers to prayers and it strengthened me so much! But… we lost the connection so I didn’t see Elder Anderson’s talk. Then we went and ate lunch at 3:30 haha
The afternoon was also great and we went for ice cream after! After the priesthood session we went and slept over in concepción because it ended at 11 haha!
Sunday we had the conference in Famaillá so it was in Spanish. Elder Rich watched the first session in English on the branch president’s cell phone but the second one he just had to do his best with Spanish! It was an incredible conference!
I was so touched by the words of Elder J. Devin Cornish in the Saturday morning session. For a long time in my life and in my mission I have struggled with feelings of not being good enough. Knowing how I should be but not really seeing the way how to get there. He told us that WE, imperfect people, could make it to the celestial kingdom of God if “We keep repenting, not rationalize, and not rebel.” I took his words to heart. If I can make it to the holy place where the God of all things lives through that pattern of living. I certainly can become what I wish to become. A diligent and powerful missionary, and a son of God worthy of the full trust of the Lord. I am so grateful for these inspired words and the way that the Holy Ghost made me interpret them. I know that God lives and that he speaks. I know that God has his prophet here on the earth in Thomas S. Monson. God lives and loves us!!
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder Brundage