(Famailla, Tucuman) Week 66

Hola Familia y amigos!

Obvs the best part was conference but I’ll get there in a minute 🙂
I’ll give you the large plates (aka the history of what happened).
Monday: I don’t remember if I told you guys but I was sick for a while. I actually went and got x-rays of my chest and head because I have a sinus infection. We went to the doctor and he wasn’t even there…….
Tuesday: District meeting and then to the doctor once more! He referred me to an ear nose and throat doctor (it’s called otorrinolaringólogo in Spanish). We were there the whole day and didn’t get to teach 😦
Thursday: We were able to have a great day! We taught a lot and committed a lot of people to go to the conference!
Friday: Doctor….. Again. He wants to get rid of all the liquid I have in my sinuses so he prescribed me a hardcore treatment. A pill twice a day for 10 days, a nasal spray 3 times a day, and…….. a shot in my butt. I still haven’t done the treatment hahah I need to find time to get the shot.
Conference: We went to Concepcion to watch on Saturday. We got there almost late and it starts at 1 so we didn’t get to eat lunch and we were dying the whole time but we survived because of the spiritual nutrients 🙂 We made our own English room and crammed all the gringos into the tiny room with the church computer 🙂
I absolutely adored the Saturday morning session. I have never felt so strongly that God was speaking to me through his servants. I received many answers to prayers and it strengthened me so much! But… we lost the connection so I didn’t see Elder Anderson’s talk. Then we went and ate lunch at 3:30 haha
The afternoon was also great and we went for ice cream after! After the priesthood session we went and slept over in concepción because it ended at 11 haha!
Sunday we had the conference in Famaillá so it was in Spanish. Elder Rich watched the first session in English on the branch president’s cell phone but the second one he just had to do his best with Spanish! It was an incredible conference!
I was so touched by the words of Elder J. Devin Cornish in the Saturday morning session. For a long time in my life and in my mission I have struggled with feelings of not being good enough. Knowing how I should be but not really seeing the way how to get there. He told us that WE, imperfect people, could make it to the celestial kingdom of God if “We keep repenting, not rationalize, and not rebel.” I took his words to heart. If I can make it to the holy place where the God of all things lives through that pattern of living. I certainly can become what I wish to become. A diligent and powerful missionary, and a son of God worthy of the full trust of the Lord. I am so grateful for these inspired words and the way that the Holy Ghost made me interpret them. I know that God lives and that he speaks. I know that God has his prophet here on the earth in Thomas S. Monson. God lives and loves us!!
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder Brundage

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