When so much stuff happens you can’t even remember anything…(Famailla, Tucuman) Week 68

Hola Familia y Amigos!

So yeah I’m in that dilemma again haha!
These two weeks were great! This week was the baptism (finally) of Victoria Fanari! She’s a super stud and she was super prepared!! We had her interview on Wednesday and passed with flying colors and we thought everything was going to be easy and stress free……….. yeah right.
So we never could teach her a few things that were left. Her mom always said “she doesn’t understand this.  Can you teach it again?” and just to like not make her mad we taught her that. Sooooooo we went into Saturday missing some things we had to teach. Then a few other things happened that Satan tried to stop the baptism but HE CAN’T STOP US!!! 🙂
1. Our branch pres said yeah don’t worry guys I’ll fill up the baptismal font. We thought it was great and we were doing our thing but decided to go to the church. We walk in and see all the water spilling out because our pres forgot to put the cap thing on so the water didn’t get out and it was spilling everywhere hahaha
2. Right before the baptism we find out that Victoria and her mom fought and the mom wasn’t going to let her get baptized. We pray and walk over there and she says its fine. It was scary for a sec haha!
3. Right before we could start the baptism we had to teach her those things she didn’t have haha. We had already started late and so we had to start even later.
4. The power went out and we were in almost complete darkness…. soooo everyone at the service just kind of laughed it off and got their phone flashlights going in the pitch dark.
5. I baptized her and when she got under the cold water (we just fill up a little pool with a hose) she like freaked and kicked out a little and she hit her head on the wall. The worst part is that her clothes stayed out a little bit so we had to do it again! The second time was better haha!
I love this work! God leads it! I love the people here and I love the Lord. He is sooo good to us.
Bienvenidos a mi nuevo sobrinito Kade!!!!!!!
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder “Uncle Braden” Brundage

The District


Trying to take a district selfie


Victoria’s Baptism


Victoria’s mom and sisters


Victory Grido (sweet ice cream chain here)



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