It’s Halloween? (Famailla, Tucuman) Week 70

Hola Familia y Amigos!!

That was my quote when Elder Rich told me happy halloween today lol
Yeah basically it doesn’t exist here. It’s gaining more popularity every year but it hasn’t really gotten up here in the north of Argentina haha! I’ve heard its way bigger in Buenos Aires, but that’s about it! No sweets for me!!!
It was a good week this week! We didn’t get to teach very much but some of our investigators are starting to progress a lot more! Miguel Sosa went to church with his less active son, Lucas and loved it again! He has a baptismal date for the 12th but I think we’ll have to change it for the 19th or 26th because they are just now starting their marriage papers and everything.
A new family named the Familia Pereyra-Figueroa-Vasquez (yeah they are kind of a mixed bunch hahahha) that we found on Saturday already read the part of the BOM (Book of Morman) that we left with them and are praying to know that it is true! They told us that as we were walking home last night and they walked out of their catholic church after mass haha!
Sooooo yeah the zone leader is with a mini missionary right now (a member who lives like a missionary from 1 week to 6 weeks) and we have a zone training this week. So the assistants asked me to help him give the training.

I go to Salta today to go to the mission leadership council and I get back tomorrow night.
Elder Rich is going to be here with that mini missionary for all today and tomorrow until like 9. Pray for him! He’s a stud but is rightfully a little nervous and stressed. My little boy is all grown up :’)
Well that’s the biggest stuff I can think of!
Ask me questions, I’ll write them down and respond!
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder Brundage
Pictures taken from the Mission Facebook page of a recent zone conference

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