(Jujuy) Week 75

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Like I said in the subject line. I never thought I’d miss working (aka visiting people and stuff like that) in the morning. Here, basically any work that we do in the morning is to show our diligence to the Lord because we hardly ever get into any houses. Basically everything gets done from 4:30 until 9:30. But now we have so much random stuff to do that we never get to and I kind of miss it haha!
This week was crazy. It rained a ton and we taught hardly any lessons so it was a bit rough. But it all ended good because we had 2 investigators in church! One man named Marcelo that is awesome. He’s just waiting to get married (it takes like 2 months in Jujuy) and baptized!
And there is Cinthia. She’s really great! Super super smart and she loves the Bible. She’s trying to find her answer about the Book of Mormon right now but she has so much real intent! We are so sure she’s going to get baptized this month!
Now I’m going to answer questions that my mom asked me last week!
1.  Are you and your companion both the zone leaders?
2How many missionaries are in your zone?
Including us 16! There are 8 areas
3.  Are there any fun touristy things to do in your new area?
IN my area no. In JUJUY yeah. There’s a ton of nature stuff and really cool places but now we can’t travel more than an hour on Pdays so we can’t really go 😦
4.  What is your apartment like in Jujuy? Small but nice. I’ll try to send pictures next week
5.  Do you eat at member’s houses very often? EVERY SINGLE DAY! IT’S LIKE FAT HEAVEN PEOPLE. And there are a ton of Bolivian people so there are a ton of different kinds of food that I never tried. Spicy food finally!!!!
6.  Does your companion speak English? Not really, he can say Utah in a really whiteboy accent. He also likes to make fun of the people who talk in Gen Conf and says “Many years ago” like an old man. He can understand quite a bit and can read out loud but forming his own sentences is hard haha
7.  How are you using the new Light the World initiative? We are doing contacts, inviting members to invite others, another area went to a radio station for our neighborhood (barrio alto comedero) and got them to anounce it a bunch (we were going to but they beat us to it) and we are doing an open house of the stake center on the 17th and that’s going to be a major theme. IT’S AWESOME!
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder Brundage

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