Jujuy-Week 81

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Sooooo It was an awesome week!
There were some changes in missionary daily schedule and in the way we work. Now we only do 30 minutes of personal study, 30 minutes of companionship study, and 30 minutes of idioma. And now we plan in the morning not at night. The changes have been weird but it’s amazing what we can do with a little extra time!
We have a lot of great people we are working with now. A lot of the adults we are teaching right now are progressing a little bit slower so our nearest investigators to baptism are kids! We’re trying to help these families get active and help their family to be complete in the church! I’ll keep you posted on them!
The focus this week and a little bit of last week was finding new investigators and talking with EVERYONE! A lot of missionaries disregard contacts because they think they can do it all in other ways. What we learned is that we still need to work with members and contact references WHILE STILL TRYING OUR VERY HARDEST TO FIND PEOPLE.
We have felt the Lord guiding us and our steps this whole week to find the people which he feels are ready for the gospel. One day we were having a hard day. Everything was falling through. And we felt impressed to talk to people that would say the most horrible things to us and send us away fuming. But we didn’t stop. And after 4 hours of nothing, we felt like we should go to a reference we already contacted. We walk there and contact a house on the way. He let us in and gives us soda and we were able to teach him a message of the restoration. IT WAS A MIRACLE. It made up for everything.
I love this work sooooo much and I can’t believe how fast the days keep flying by!
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder Brundage
ps. did I ever tell you guys that Elder Chahalis and I lived in the same dorm building at BYU? Small world.

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