The Week of the Bad Haircut (sorry no picture) Week 82 (Jujuy)

Hola Familia y amigos!

This week was good! We are seeing some great progress with some of our investigators here! This week was a little rough but full of great experiences anyways!
One investigator named A was playing in a soccer tournament in the church organized by the Elder’s quorum here in our ward and he had a spiritual experience! He felt very strongly that there was where he needed to be, the people whom he should associate with, and that he needed to stay there. This is one of the many experiences he has had. So he told us that in a lesson and the spirit was very strong. We talked to him about the Word of wisdom and he made the decision to quit smoking (he’s met with many many missionaries and he never could quit). We offered him a blessing to start the process and he asked me to give it. I felt strongly guided in my words to promise many blessings that that family desperately needs IF he would put his full effort to quit smoking. He told us he knew it would happen the way that we said. It was a great experience!
Another investigator that has also met with many missionaries finally (after almost 8 months of investigating) put a date to get married and get baptized! We talked to them about faith and putting their trust in God using Alma 32 (before the whole seed metaphor) and they said that they would trust and do it!!  He’ll be married the 17th of February, then baptized the next day, and confirmed on Sunday! He’s called Marcelo and his wife is Mariel.
A couple other part-member families are finally getting their stuff together and are getting active again and are helping their kids get baptized!
So it’s been good! Sometimes I feel like we do very little and that all of the hard work doesn’t really bear fruit, but I know the Lord has blessed us and will continue to bless us if we keep working!
The only bad thing is that today I trusted another missionary to cut my hair and it didnt really turn out….. but it’s a blessing that hair grows back!!!
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder Brundage

This is NOT the bad haircut 🙂


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