A Change of Scenery! (Salta) Week 84

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Estoy otra vez en Salta la Linda!

To be honest it’s been a very tiring weekend haha. This week went really well in Alto Comedero! We were able to visit a ton of people and see more progress with them!

We had a big conference with president, his wife, and the assistants! We talked about how to find more new investigators and a whole bunch of other stuff. Then we had interviews with President and it was NUTS! Everyone was doing their interviews and out of nowhere there was this HUGE hail storm (mixed with rain) and it was so violent and the chapel flooded a little bit. We were using the squeegees to get the water out it was hilarious!

This last Thursday I was saying my morning prayer at 7:05 and the phone rang. I answered it and President said I had to pack my bags because I was going to Salta to be his assistant. I was shocked and the only thing I said was “oh………. gracias”. He told me to be in Salta before 12 so I got all packed and I left.

My new area is called Portezuelo 1 and my new companion is Elder Salazar from Viña del Mar, Chile. He’s really great and really funny! Super crazy but he knows how to work well and he does what needs to be done. We’re gonna do just fine here!

The crazy thing that we had to do this weekend were the transfers. We had to do a couple of huge excel spreadsheets and buy a tooon of bus tickets. It was really stressful hahaha.  We were on the computer on Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm doing this and we were dead but we still got to go out and teach!

I like the area a lot and there’s so much potential! We just need to spend some time working with the people that we have and find some new ones and we’ll have a lot of success! I’m almost sure that I’m going to be here for the rest of my mission! I only have 3 transfers left and the assistants normally finish here in Portezuelo but I’m very happy and I know its going to be a great time!

I love this work and I’m so glad for the part I can play!

Love you all!!!!!!!

Livin’ the Dream,

Elder Brundage


Elder Salazar and Elder Brundage


Alan and Braden




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