Woooo! I’m Alive (Salta) Week 85

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Well it’s been a long and tiring week to say the least! There’s lots of stuff to do and very little time to get all of it done but hey SOMEBODY has to do it haha!
Also, in a really weird transition like this its been great to have Elder Salazar. Like I said he’s really crazy but he really knows how to work and he puts his all into what he does. A lot of stuff has happened but we always have fun haha!
So that you can get the whole lowdown I’ll go day by day this week

Monday: So yeah we had to do all the transfer stuff and help all the missionaries get to their new areas. There’s always problems in something so had to be on alert all day to answer the phone calls and solve the problems. One example of this: In Ledesma there were some missionaries who had problems with their documents and we called the boss here in Salta of that company and he told us that he would take care of it. He even let us listen in haha! “HEY WHY ARE YOU GUYS MESSING WITH THE MORMONS. DON’T YOU KNOW HOW IMPORTANT THEY ARE? THE MORMONS ARE MAD AND THEY ARE THINKING ABOUT LEAVING FLECHABUS SO FIX THIS”. And 10 seconds later we get a call from that same guy in Ledesma and he says “wow I’m so sorry like I didn’t know. Sorry We’re gonna upgrade your seats for free…” I feel like a mafia boss haha
Tuesday: That morning we woke up early to help the missionaries ending their mission weigh their bags and take their suitcases to the airport to take their flight.
Then we came back and got everything prepared for the new missionaries and for all the stuff we were gonna do like the food for the next day and all that jazz. We then went back to the airport to welcome them here! It brought back a ton of memories haha!
They went to go do some legal stuff and when they got to the offices it was like 7 pm. We then had to talk to them and entertain them until like 11. It was really hard because they were all starving and dead tired but we did some cool stuff. Then we all went and ate at the mission home and in the end we were all in bed at 12:30 or 1.
We didnt get to be in our area.
Wednesday: We have the training meeting with the trainers and then with them both. Lunch and they were off to their area. We actually got to work a little bit!!!!
Thursday: We planned with president for our mission leadership council what we we’re gonna talk about and finished up the planning. Then we did companion exchanges with some missionaries. I went with Elder Osorio (former companion who’s a zone leader now) and we went to another area in Salta and each one went with one of the elders in the companionship. So I didn’t get to work in my area.
Friday: Had missionary leadership council and it went ok. We tried a new format and it got really unfocused so we’ll have to see what we do in the future. Then we went to fill up the baptismal font and we had the baptism of Ricardo! He’s a stud and he is very converted!
Saturday: We did MORE COMPANIONSHIP EXCHANGES WITH ZONE LEADERS. So I went with Elder Cloud (an elder from my district in Famaillá who is now a zone leader). I didn’t get to be in my area.
Soooooooooo yeah.
I’m not sure when I’m supposed to get to know my area but we’ll find time. But not this week because we’ll be traveling until Friday hahah!
We have a truck (a volkswagen amarok look it up it’s weird haha) and it’s a stick shift. At some point before Elder Salazar leaves I have to learn to drive stick shift. WISH ME LUCK AND PRAY PLEASE.
We have a normal ward and area but we work less time and have to be examples of baptizing and confirming so it’s hard haha
Even though it’s tiring I still have so many spiritual experiences. I’m so grateful for prayer. I know that God hears and answers prayers. And that he really is there for us when we need him.
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder Brundage


Sending some Valentine’s Day love!


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