Find Joy in the Journey – Week 86 (Salta)

Hola Familia y Amigos!

I had to do that literally this week because we went on a huge 4 stop road trip to the northern part of the mission. We left Monday afternoon and got back Friday afternoon!
We started off going to Jujuy to do splits in Alto Comedero!!!!! But we missed our bus so we had to wait a few hours and we got there late and couldn’t do any work 😦 But the next day we went and did splits with the Jujuy Centro Zone and that was fun!
After that we travelled like 4 hours to get to Orán in the north of Salta and we did divisions there. They had their zone conference the next day and since the zone is so far spread all the elders in the zone came and I got to see some friends! I even got to see Elder Rich my SON who’s in Pichanal right now! It was awesome!
Then we travelled up north another 2 and a half hours up to Tartagal (Its a fricking oven in this place !  Seriously I was dying). We did splits but one of the Elders, Elder Lewis was suuuupppper sick so I had to stay with him all day and it was seriously so hot I wanted to die. But it was fun anyways!
Then the next day we took the 5 or 6 hour bus ride back here to salta and to celebrate we bought Mcdonalds 🙂
We got to work a little bit in our area this weekend but nobody went to church…. So we’re gonna be in finding mode……. as soon as we get back from our huge trip of the south of the mission this week! Count yo blessings hahah
I’m sorry I have to go, a lot of stuff is happening today and I have to go now! Love you guys!
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder Brundage

Reunited with Elder Chahalis


Plaza of Oran


In Tartagal with Elder Figueredo and Elder Lewis


Celebrating a successful road trip with McDonalds


Evidence that the streets turn into rivers when it rains hard


Zone conference


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