Transfer Day – Salta (Week 90)

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Alright we were able to see a little bit of progress in our area!
A young couple with a baby that we’ve been teaching went to church again! Their names are Emanuel, Carolina, and baby Logan! This week we invited them to a Family Home evening in the house of a family of members, la Familia Liendro. (See pic below of that FHE)
Then we went to the adult session of the Stake conference on Saturday with them! They couldn’t go Sunday morning because Emanuel suffered a paralysis of the left side of his body. Like his lung wasn’t working and he could only move that half of the body with a lot of pain. Crazy stuff. We gave him a blessing yesterday so we’ll see how he recovers.
For the stake conference we had Elder Mark Bragg of the Seventy! He is so great and really spiritual! It was a nice conference and I got to see a bunch of the members from Mitre in the conference!
Sorry guys there’s no more time. Transfers are killer!
Livin’ the Dream,
Elder Brundage


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A pic of salta when we climbed “El Cerro de la Virgen de los Tres Cerritos” (The hill of the virgin of the 3 hills haha)


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