Week 97 (Salta)

Hola Familia y Amigos!

I’m really happy about this week! We’re working really well here and have seen so many miracles. Elder Curtis is a great missionary! He’s very obedient and dedicated and that’s helping me out in these last weeks when there are some moments that I’m just tired haha!
He’s from Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. He’s used to a lot of outdoor stuff and exercise so he’s gonna be my personal trainer for the next 5 weeks. Gonna get wedding ready ya’ll (mom note: sister’s wedding is 2 days after he gets home).
It was a crazy week with the transfers and all that jazz. The new missionaries are super studs to be honest. The mission is in good hands. These last 2 transfers I watched Elder Salazar run around this whole week super stressed and stuff and I always thought “why is he like that?”. Well this week it was my turn to get stressed and run around freaking out and Elder Curtis was all care free haha! He’ll understand someday.
I had to give my “Testimonio de Fiel” (Testimony of the faithful, the last testimony of the missionaries finishing their mission) in this last Mission leadership council. It was really weird and I didn’t feel like it would be my last. I’m leaving with 11 other mission leaders!
So I’d like to talk about a miracle we saw this week! We are in finding mode right now and we have been doing everything in our power to find as many people as possible and we’ve been praying a lot to find people ready to accept the gospel and be baptized.
We felt that on Saturday we needed to go and visit our ward mission leader. We went and started talking to him about some stuff in the ward and what we want to do differently. At the end of our discussion he says “Elders, I have a perfect referral for you! My sister in law is named Emilce and she used to listen to the missionaries and went to church for a long time but never got baptized. Last night she talked to me and said that she feels like she needs to be baptized and go and serve a mission but that she was waiting for someone or something to show her that it was the time.” We invited her to join us because she lives in the same house and she listened, accepted the Book of Mormon, we shared inspired scriptures, and committed to going to church.
Yesterday she went to church and while she was there another young woman was talking with her for a while outside of their class. They went back into the class until the end. When Emilce came out she told our ward mission leader that that girl had given her the sign and confirmation that she needed. We taught her again later that day and she accepted to be baptized the 20th!
I know that the Lord is in the details. He cares about the small and insignificant work we do on this earth. Jesus Christ is so powerful and I truly can see that all things testify of Him.
Livin’ the Dream
Elder Brundage

Presidente Chaparro and his Assistants, Elder Brundage and Elder Curtis



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